Can you get spam from without ever going to their website?

My boyfriend got spam in his Yahoo email and he swear and promise he never went to that website I found a complaint website about this site and that other ppl has had that happen. Has anybody has this happened too?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Not from that company, but I've been getting other adult spam, although I'm a 59 yrs old woman who doesn't visit such sites. Fortunately I have a suspicious mind, so if I'm getting dubious mails, I never open them. You see, they often spread their junk randomly without knowing if they ever find a real mail account, but as soon as you open one of their messages, a cookie will let them know - from then on you'll be getting more of their junk, and they may even sell your mail address to others...

  • 4 years ago

    yeah i comprehend the regulations on indexed right here are ridiculous yet think of approximately it without a majority of those regulations think of how lots greater stupid f'ing questions there could be, how many human beings will ask an identical question to get the respond they prefer or in basic terms to harass human beings. they in basic terms attempt to make an area for absolutely everyone. thats in basic terms my opinion.

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