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Vampire Attack Description?

How to describe a vampire attack for a story? Please do not describe my story as "Twilight". Yes,I have read the book. Though,I am taking precautions to insure that it doesn't sound like Twilight. Thanks. You don't have to use an exact description. You can write words for me to use to make the description.

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    The description of the attack depends a lot on who is telling it, and the characters involved in it. Think about what point of view you want the reader to gather from it's description. If you want them to see that's it's vicious and painful, write it that way or if you want them to see that it's something that the vampire hates doing and is only trying to survive, write it that way. If you are having trouble finding the right words to describe it, try using a synonym finder (if you don't know of a website just Google synonym finder). If you ask someone else to write it for you or give you the descriptions, it's not completely your story anymore.

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    I suggest you do your own research. Look at other vampire novels. The classics. Twilight isn't the only vampire story in the world and it isn't the only successful one...I wish more would realize that.

    Look at other authors, legends, myths, etc that describe a vampire attack. Watch films (Hammer films are often the best with vampires though there are others...not Twilight).

    This is your story, your imagination, your characters. I'm not going to tell you how to write a scene like that, mainly because I have no idea what's going on in your story's not MY story.

    Being a writer isn't easy. It is often lonely and hard work at researching what you want to know.

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    If you don't want it to sound like Twilight, I suggest you make it a little violent. Don't be afraid to describe the taste of the blood (if it's from the vamp's p.o.v.) or how much pain the victim is in

    Source(s): I'm a writer as well
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