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Why can't I get myself to go faster in my horse?

I ride western. I haven't rode in a years since my horse passed. I'm going to start bonding with a new horse. When I was little I was only comfortable walking and trotting alittle. The only time I ever went faster was when a horse thought he needed to got faster when I was walking the barrels. (he was old, and was trained for playdates ect. Thought that's what I was asking him to do) it was scary because I'd never done it before. I really want to be comfortable going faster. I want to start doing events. Would it be better if I had a better trust relationship with my horse? Or is it somethig I just need to do and get used to? I've actually never been bucked of fell off. Maybe fear of that is holding me back.

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    You might not feel you're ready to go faster on your horse, but you might actually be ready. When I started riding, I was scared of everything. I'm still nervous about being bucked or falling off. But my instructor is such a good one, and you know what she always tells me to comfort me? "It's SO hard to fall off. You just have to calm down!" And it works. It really is hard to be bucked or fall off.

    I started cantering after four lessons, and it was because of the confidence I had, how much of a natural I was, and how strong my legs were. If you have those qualities by now, I think you're ready to go faster. Faster, meaning cantering. When you canter, it almost feels like a rocking horse, but it's much more faster and fun. I will admit, I was very scared when I finally started, but I just had to look past my fear and just go for it! You just have to have confidence, keep your heals down, sit into the saddle, and use the right positions. You should start cantering at a barn, during a lesson. Unsupervised or unprofessional help won't be safe. It's okay! It's very hard to fall off! Cantering is fun! Bonding with a new horse is okay, because you have to realize that all horses want some love, and you have a heart big enough to share the love. You aren't moving on from your old horse, you're just sharing some love with a new one, that's just as much wanting some attention.

    Hope I helped(: Good luck!

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