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My motorcycle was laid down slowly and now stalls when I stop or take off.?

Its an Aprilia RSV Mille (2002) Never had any issues before. I had no dealers close so I sent it to a local shop and they removed the PCIII claiming that was why it wasn't turning over. But when they removed it this new problem came up and now it this related to the PCIII? It has a custom map done before and now there is no PCIII...I was told by the shop and a few others it might be the TPS....Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The bike starts and runs,but when I make a complete stop or I take off from a complete stop it stalls unless I give a lot of throttle. And I have replaced the spark plugs as well. Everything is fine except for it stalling when I stop or take off without applying too much throttle.

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    It's just a common thing with motercycles because when you lay them down on there side it disrupts the flow of gas into the engine and you just need to get the flow going again by just keep on trying to start it.

    Source(s): I have a dirtbike and it does this all the time.
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  • 8 years ago

    When it laid down, slowly, did the handle bars turn? Sometimes when that happens, the throttle cables pull and bend where they connect to the carburation, resulting in throttle response problem. What are the recommended settings for idle for your bike?Are you getting that amount of rpm now? Did the point cover bend upon hitting the ground, and tap the cam? Check where cables connect to the carb, make sure both , if there are two, a pull and push cable set, are connected. even if the bike is running on one cable, which can happen, the other an be loose.

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    check spark plugs,when bike was on its side oil got up there and probably fouled them up.

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