Good science fair ideas for 11th grade? 10 points :D?

I've done science fair 2 times already, and this would be my 3rd time. However, the first 2 times I had to do it, this time I don't have to. However, I need something to put on college apps. My goal is to at least get in regionals (1st or 2nd in subject area at school). I have a partner taking physics hn next year, she also took chem hn and bio hn. I took bio hn and chem hn, and I'm taking AP chem next year. She is taking precalculus next year along with AP compsci, I'm taking ap calc bc/ap economics next year (took ap compsci last year).

Prior projects: pH on plant growth

composition of food waste on bioethanol (honorable mention at school... but then again it didnt really work)

The problem is, I have TOO MANY ideas, and barely any are do-able in the time allotted (i'm taking 5 ap's next year, plus extracurriculars, so i wont have too much time). I thought of artificial intelligence, robot software, robot using energy made from waste (battery, methanol, ethanol), DNA etc. Are there award winning science fair projects that my partner and I can do? Categories are the same as the ones for Intel (isef). I'm not too interested in behavioral and social sciences, earth and space sciences, math, microbiology, zoology. I wanted to do CS but hardly anyone wins in that category at my school. I've looked at ideas, but it's hard to find one of interest.

Thanks for any suggestion! I really want to get in regionals.


monkeyyss: haha i wont b the smartest the guy tht lives diagonally across of my house got into international science fair finding this cure for some random bacterial disease and another group discovered steel thts 500x better than current steel & i forgot wut my classmate did this yr to get in isef -_- just seeing their projects is very demoralizing... ok a lot of ppl suggested science buddies, and yeah i found the perfect idea! thanks :D i'll pick 1 of u as best answer

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    Try . They have a topic selection wizard that can help you find a project based on your interests. If you don't see any you like there, just think of what you like to do, and what you'd like to learn about, and go from there. For me, I like math and computers and stuff, so my project has some computer programming involved. They also have a "Ask an Expert" forum there where you can get help from mentor. It's a really good website if you're doing a science project. Good luck!

    Source(s): Going into 9th grade, been doing science fairs since 4th grade. :)
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    I've been doing science pair for past three years! I don't think you should do a rocket unless it's unique. Try to make something that is really unique and that people will love. You should think if the things for grade 11 kids can do! Like I started doing it in grade 7 and I chose things for my age level but you can alwas go beyond you age!

    The website really halped me is

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    Track is intricately concerning physics. You would do something with the frequency of sound waves and the sounds they make. Associated stands out as the predominant means that many wind instruments work. The tone they produce is involving the length of the tube the vibrating air travels through (feel the Andean pan flute as an instance of this). Longer tubes make for curb tones. So perhaps "invent" some type of musical instrument that can be both tunable, or that you could play special tones on. %pipes can be fairly handy too work with to do this.

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    Don't do a rocket, unless it's really unique and will take you a year to build! Haha just kidding, but you should do this question: •Does magnetism affect the growth of plants?

    If you research it, you will probably be the smartest kid there ;)

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    I used this website and got 2nd for my state science fair :)

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    a rocket

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