Why Do I Hate Queen(The Band) So Much?

And I like all types of genres like motown,Techno,acid house,soul,metal,punk,glam rock,rap and some prog but there is something about them that i can't stand about them can some tell me why and yes i hate Bohemian Rhapsody it just grinds on me that how songs like The Murder Of Liddle Towers By Angelic Upstarts or Elvis Costello Oliver's Army and even 28 by Steppenwolf get overlooked while Bohemian Rhapsody gets all the attention


No I'm Not Homophobic

Update 2:

see it's just people i talk to about Music always talk about queen and so does every youtube comment

Update 3:

yea led zep and pink floyd are much better

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  • 8 years ago
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    Because they are over-produced crap.

    I haven't liked anything by the pop band Queen since their Sheer Heart Attack LP. They turned into a novelty act, a sort of Four Stooges, with Freddy starring as Curly. Instead of rocking, they went for a Top 40 sound. The talent was there; except for Freddy's cheesy voice. He was not suited to be a rock singer.

    He should have been a lounge act like Humperdink or Buble. You'd think he was a living god to some who post in here. They don't know "Bohemian Rhapsody" came and went on rock radio, and only returned to radio because of that idiotic film, "Wayne's World".

    To the guy who says MoTown is not a genre, you're wrong. Berry Gordy and his VP Smokey Robinson produced a distinctive sound by using Detroit jazz musicians in the studio, and by targeting a white audience. Gordy shamelessly called the MoTown Sound "black music for white people". It was the hard beat to go with the expert musicianship which made MoTown a genre. Nobody could copy it. Back then, it was Red Clay (southern soul) versus Sequins (MoTown's legendary choreography and live performances, no matter the artist).

    Addendum: Freddy's voice was cheesy, similar to a teenage Donny Osmond. "Wayne's World" is an idiotic attempt at comedy by a sophomoric comedian. Oh, gosh, you'd think I wrote "The Satanic Verses" and tried to give it away for free in Tehran. I love how people make a religion out of a band, then attack One Direction. I remember when it was a thought crime to say any Bob Dylan or Beatles song just didn't appeal to you. So, the Queen defenders are mild by comparison. I've lived long enough to see two boring bands brought back to the public eye by film directors.

  • 5 years ago

    Anyone who hates Queen takes themselves waaay too seriously. Obviously people have different music tastes, you shouldn't feel bad if you don't like them, but no need to bash them when you don't even know anything about them. Their hits are annoying because they're played a lot- listen to their deep tracks!! FreddIE was the best singer of all time and all 4 member wrote #1 songs and excelled in their instruments. Yet they get called "gay" and "overrated". They're the farthest thing from that. They were the nicest, most funny amazing people in the world and they are SUCH an underrated band

  • Rigby
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    8 years ago

    They have much better songs than Bohemian Rhapsody. I'll find some and edit them in, but that is not even their strongest song lol.

    Somebody To Love, Keep Yourself Alive, Seven Seas of Rhye, Now I'm Here, Stone Cold Crazy, Death On Two Legs, I'm In Love With My Car, You're My Best Friend, The Prophet's Song, Fat Bottomed Girls, Bicycle Race, Don't Stop Me Now, I Want To Break Free, Hammer To Fall, One Vision, I Want It All, and The Show Must Go On.

    If you don't like any of these, then I guess Queen just isn't for you.

  • 5 years ago

    I saw Queen in 1974. They were a parody of a rock band.

    If they were playing in my back garden, I would close the curtains and put on some decent music loud enough to drown them out.

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  • 8 years ago

    Because Freddy Mercury was such a prancing nancy boy.

    but he did have talent

    I think he came off a "arch" but some of their stuff was pretty complicated including Bohemian Rhapsody, which was just used in a commercial in the US for I think a new Vegas casino. Great commercial which it was on more.

    Source(s): I got free Queen albums & gave them away back in the 70ies, never got under their spell.
  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Performing at Sun City during Appartheid was unforgivable, but songs fat "Fat Bottomed Girls", "Bicycle Race", "We Are The Champions", "Another One Bites The Dust", make me cringe each time I hear them, ( and I hear them WAY TOO OFTEN!). That band was a novelty act, and Mercury was completely over rated as a songwriter and singer. They should NOT be in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! Most of the adulation is because he was a victim of AIDS ( which he contracted through his lifestyle choices of constant one night stands in seedy bath houses).

  • 7 years ago

    Agree can't stand them especially ESPECIALLY Bohemian Rhapsody. Who knows perhaps in person they were nice guys but ugg their music bleh!

  • Ellz
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    8 years ago

    you can't judge a band based on one song. their song "the show must go on" is my favorite song.i think almost everybody can relate to it and love it. and you can't possibly dislike "we will rock you"! it rules! also "we are the champions".

    "bohemian rhapsody" is a diffrent song than what we usually hear. not everyone can relate to it. you kinda have to get used to it for it to be awesome.it's one of those brilliant songs that the more you listen to the more you understand new things about it. but not everyone can like it.

    also, if it's freddie's performances or their videos that get on your nerves,that's understandable. not everyone loves freddie's performances as much as i do. but their music is great. you don't have to love them, but it's kind of impossible to hate a band who gave us "the show must go on".


    after reading Melting Media's edit, i want to TD it once more. cheesy voice? seriously? not all "rock voices" have to be the same way you know! it's different. that's why we love Queen!

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    Motown isn't a genre. It's a record label that has released soul, R&B, hip-hop, etc... throughout different periods of its existence.

    Anyway, you probably dislike Queen just because, well, you don't like them. Nobody likes every band/artist ever.

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