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How many years should I aim for on the SWAT team if the minimum is 3 years to be hired by the FBI HRT?

My brother works for LAPD. He is about to promote to Police Officer III and tryout for SWAT (Metro D Platoon). I want to join him soon in LAPD :) but anyway, he wants to know how many years he should stay if he wants to go HRT.

this is the info it had on the website

To qualify for the Tactical Recruiting Program (TRP), you will need to bring some special skills, talents, and experience. All candidates will be rated based on their experience levels, and the most qualified will be eligible for this program. Each candidate will have the opportunity to summarize tactical training and experience in the Tactical Recruiting Program on-line application, which may be accessed after completing the Special Agent application. Here is a snapshot of those qualifications:

Must have at least 3 years of tactical experience in either law enforcement or the military.

Law Enforcement Experience:

With a Federal Agency tactical team (This category includes all Military Police.).

Or with a Local/County/State Agency or Department tactical team.

- Full-time tactical team experience will carry more weight than part-time experience.

- Completion of continuing education courses in at least three of the following: Basic SWAT • Advanced SWAT • Hostage Rescue • High Risk Arrest • Barricaded Subject • Basic Sniper/Observer • Advanced Sniper/Observer • Tactical Firearms • Mechanical Breaching

LAPD is Full time SWAT and to what I understand he's going to complete all of those education courses while he's on the team. Right?

But we've both been interested in these type of jobs since we were in middle school.

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    If he's a Level III officer in the LAPD he'd know people at the LA FBI Field Office and could ask himself.

    It'll take 5 years of various courses within LAPD SWAT before he's considered a 'journeyman' SWAT officer. If for some reason his ultimate goal is the FBI HRT he'd have to leave the LAPD and apply for the FBI, get in, and work in a field office for a minium of a 3 years before being able to apply for HRT along with everyone else, whether going through the regular stream or the TRP.

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