A Day in Minocqua WI...?

I am turning 16 in two weeks, and my dad decided to rent a cabin in Minocqua for the week of my birthday. He forgot my birthday would be then and I am not allowed to bring up any friends, so he has allowed me to pick out whatever we do that day. Any suggestions?

Also- It is just me, my sister (who is also a teen), my brother (who is in his 20s) and my dad, and I want to make sure it is something we all should be able to do.


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  • 8 years ago
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    Well I think you are in for a great trip! Minocqua is about one of the most beautiful places around! I suggest you take a look at www.minocqua.org for all the details but here are a few:

    Rent jet skis or a boat for the day...huge lakes around...so fun to explore!! Give water skiing a try! Lumberjack shows perform every Tues, Thurs and Sat at 7:30 and Wed and Fri at 2pm. lots of laughs! The Min-Aqua Bat water ski shows are pretty entertaining and every Wed, Fri and Sun eve at 7pm (and it is free...Dad will love that!). Great downtown shopping area and fun restaurants. Hike or rent bikes and take one of the numerous beautiful trails.

    The Visitors Center is right as you come into town and open 24 hours...you can pick up area guides and maps which are quite helpful in planning. Or you can request them before you come...call 715-356-5266 and be sure to let them know you would like the info asap, since you are coming up soon. Have fun!

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