I just got thrown out of wal-mart because?

I was in wal-mart earlier to buy some stuff when I was in the clothes area and was just browsing when a manager start accusing me of stealing because there were some open card packs and other items broken into. I was looking at some boxers so she heard me moving packs to find the right size for me. She told me shes tired of catching me, which I've only been to this wal-mart once, and told me next time she sees me shes going to have me arrested. Is there anything I can do since I'm being called a thief when I'm not one, and how long does a threat like this last?


Could she do anything if I go back and she sees me? I'm only asking because it's the only place I can get my med's from, and all I was doing was trying to buy some stuff.

Update 2:

All she did was just told me to get out or shes calling the cops, and I just dropped the items I was going to buy and walked out.

Update 3:

Only reason why I just dropped my stuff and left was just due to the fact I really didn't want to have to deal with the police or anything, because it's honestly not worth it if I'm getting called a thief for just browsing with items in hand to buy. I know the story does sound shady but I don't steal

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  • 8 years ago
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    You can file a complaint on that employee or on that Walmart by calling their customer support or contacting Walmart corporate.

    Here is some info for filing a complaint I found on another question:

    Tips and Suggestions for Filing a Successful Complaint with Walmart


    Contact info for Walmart:

    To reach the Contact Center of Wal-Mart Stores, call 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278), from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (CT) Monday - Friday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (CT) Saturday or from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. (CT) Sunday.

    or the mailing address is...

    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

    Attn: Customer Service

    702 S.W. 8th Street

    Bentonville, AR 72716

    Or email your complaint


    You could also directly call that Walmart and tell them you'd like to file a complaint. Good luck.

  • 8 years ago

    Something must have been going on that would bring a worker to tell you to leave. If it had been somebody that was not doing anything, that person would not have acted all defensive and dropped the items and get out of there! If nothing had been going on, a person would have and should have stood their ground and defended themselves. I believe there is a bit more to this story that you are not writing for the world to read.

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    You have several options.

    1. You could continue going to this particular Walmart store and risk getting falsely accused of stealing.


    2. You could go to a completely different department store whose pharmacy actually carries your medications.


    3. You could get your prescriptions transferred over to a different Walmart store.

    The easiest course of action is to take your prescriptions to another department store. Just make sure the pharmacy has all of your medications and that they currently accept your insurance coverage.

    Good luck.

  • 8 years ago

    Sounds like you aren't telling the whole story.

    You would need a lawyer to get this turned around. Is it worth it. Just don't go to Walmart.

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  • 8 years ago

    Dont worry about,they have cameras everywhere and they will be able to tell if you where actually trying to rip anything open. If they try anything tell thing to look at the security film from that day when u where in.

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    8 years ago

    As long as you're not stealing, there's nothing she can do. Keep going there if you want to because she can accuse you of whatever she wants, but if she's shown to be wrong, she's the one who looks like a fool.

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    8 years ago

    If you weren't doing anything wrong, then u can file a case against them and then they will have to show the security tapes for that period of time.

  • 8 years ago

    she didn't do anything.

    if she called guards or soemthing then you could.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Do you have a twin??

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