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What are great places to live in Georgia (maybe near Atlanta) for a young family w/ Small children? ?

We are in Georgia for the weekend ((I believe we are in Tucker, Ga)) and are seriously thinking of relocating from Maryland. What areas should we consider that would be a good fit for us as well as our children (11, 4, 2) we would rent initially but don't want to pay a lot for rent. Our kids are really into sports and we need to have excellent schools.

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    Ideally, it would be a good idea to affiliate with someone who's familiar with the many neighborhoods in Atlanta, who can show you around. There are plenty of good areas, but without knowing your family and priorities, it's hard for anyone to give you blanket advice.

    Many people move to the East Cobb area because of the stellar school system. Same as Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek -- North Fulton. Some areas of Gwinnett have great schools and may be more affordable. (Though note that even affluent areas with great school systems, have lower end subdivisions with affordable rentals.)

    Traffic is a bear in the suburbs, so many people base their decision on where to live on where they work.

    There's a company called Promove that offers free rental referrals. Perhaps you can look them up, tell them your priorities & budget, and see what they suggest.

  • Druid hills


    Marrieta (those three are all expensive but like any neighborhood there are house that are pretty cheap)

    Those are the nicest and safest neighborhoods! The schools are the best in these neighborhoods and there are a lot of places you could do sports all around!

    Hope I helped! And good luck in atalanta I think y'all will like it!:)

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    Snellville and Alpharetta are great places to live.

    Alpharatte is great with very excellent schools, but living there is very pricey. Snellville is a nice, well-kept area, with very good schools, and its well integrated. There are a variety of cultures and races in Snellville, and no area is far from stores and restaurants.

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    anniston alabama.. atlanta is a HUGE ghetto and is not going to get any better until they have solid leadership.When you have a bunch of thugs living in a town and voting, they tend to vote for the thug who will give them the MOST and not leadership.I wouldnt move anywhere around there.

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