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Are democrats blinded by their dogma when it comes to socialized medicine?

7/15/12 The Daily Mail, UK: “Thousands could lose their sight as NHS [National Health Service] cuts cataract surgery by a quarter”

Waiting time for Canadians, from the time of referral (Fraser Institute):

-General surgery: 14.3 weeks

-Orthopedic surgery: 40.3 weeks

-Cardiovascular surgery: 8 weeks

-Urology: 11.5 weeks

-Internal medicine: 11.5 weeks

-Radiation oncology: 5 weeks

-Medical oncology: 4.9 weeks.

-Colon McMillan, president of the Canadian Medical Association, said: “The problem our health car system faces today is access due to a lack of doctors, nurses, hospitals and technology.”

Canada health care spending rose 38% in the last five years (Canadian Institute for Health Information).

12/12/11 Canadian Broadcasting Company, Surgery wait times longest in 18 years.

-The median wait time is 19 weeks between the referral from a general practitioner and the start of elective treatment, finds the report, released by the Fraser Institute Monday. “At 104 per cent longer than it was in 1993, this is the longest total wait time recorded since the Fraser Institute began measuring wait times in Canada,” reads the report.

-Wait times for a referral to a specialist rose to 9.5 weeks in 2011 from 8.9 weeks in 2010. And the wait time between a visit to a specialist and actual medical treatment increased to 9.5 weeks from 9.3 weeks, according to the report.

-Wait times for different types of medical procedures also vary in length. Patients wait the longest between a GP referral and plastic surgery, an average of 41.6 weeks, while those waiting for medical oncology begin treatment in 4.2 weeks.

-"Canadians are being forced to wait almost 4 ½ months, on average, to receive surgical care, prolonging the pain and suffering patients and their families are forced to endure." said Mark Rovere, a co-author of the report. "Despite significant increases in government health spending, Canadians are still waiting too long to access medically necessary treatment," Rovere said.

12/12/11 According to the [Fraser] report, wait times between 2010 and 2011 increased in both the delay between referral by a general practitioner to consultation with a specialist (rising to 9.5 weeks from 8.9 weeks in 2010), and the delay between a consultation with a specialist and receiving treatment (rising to 9.5 weeks from 9.3 weeks in 2010).

The Doctor Patient Medical Association Foundation conducted a faxed survey of random doctors in May 2012. In the survey, it is clearly delineated that the medical system as it is changing is discouraging doctors from practicing. 83% of the doctors said that current changes made them think about quitting, and 90% of them thought the path of the medical field currently was wrong.

Democrats are like religious fanatics: facts and reality mean absolutely nothing to them.

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    Not only are they blind to the mediocre medicine that will result from a public system they are delusional about the cost.

    Every other industrialized nation with public health care pays for it with a VAT Federal Sales tax.

    Sales taxes in these countries range from 16% in Canada up to 25% in some parts of Europe.

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    Sure I do. I suppose its downright vile what our health care process does to some persons. The physicians still get paid, the customers are tended to, it might probably nonetheless be confidential follow, it just wants to be regulated with the aid of the federal government. I think are current method has a variety of determining and making a choice on performed. Humans don't select to have MS. You don't know if you'll strengthen cancer a yr from now. Persons do not get ailments simply on the grounds that they believe it. So whose to claim that it's k to present or deny well being care completely based in your hand at life. I'm not a hundred% for socialized remedy. I feel everyone must have a fair possibility to say what must rightfully be guaranteed to every individual: a right to life. Nonetheless, in the event that they fail to take action and claim that correct, than that's their concern. Obviously there would be issues. For instance, our education system is socialized and admittedly, there are issues with that. Nonetheless, like the institution method, the nice that it does would customarily outweigh the charges.

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    Americans should know that the daily mail is not a serious newspaper, it is almost a cartoon. Not really a reliable source, and politically biased to the right wing in an embarrassingly ranting sort of a way. It mostly treated like the joke that it is, people read it for a laugh.

    Also currently we have a right wing government who are ideologically opposed to universal benefits and care, and most current problems within the NHS are attributed to its gradual merging with private contractors that has been happening since thatcher opened it up to her deregulated market place.

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    My wife and I went on a road that took us into Canada the plan was to stay 4 maybe 5 days we stayed less then 18 hours we were in shock at the cost of everything up there

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    So I have to choose between waiting a few extra weeks for a free procedure and going bankrupt and losing my home to pay for it...and you call me an idiot for choosing to wait?

    The health care system isn't perfect, but at least we don't let thousands of our citizens die because they can't afford proper care, or let millions lose their life savings if they get sick.

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    Ask any British person about The Daily Mail and they'll tell you it's utter garbage. Seriously it is a scaremongering rag of a paper, it's a national laughing stock.

    I'm not commenting on private vs nationalised healthcare just informing you that at least one of your sources is in no way credible.

    It is such a laughing stock check these videos out (they're funny too):

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

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    A lemming rarely lets the reality of the approaching cliff bother it; as it follows that leader off of said cliff.

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    The US ranks 1st in the world for health care costs per person yet 37th in the world for health care outcomes. You might call that "dogma" I call that reality.

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    It's not perfect. Nobody claims it's perfect. But it's better than the American system which costs more per capita than any other place on Earth.

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