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what does "prendre le devant des choses" in french mean?

what does "prendre le devant des choses" in french mean?

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    I always Google (NOT Google Translate) when I see unfamiliar phrases. This move paid dividends in this case too.

    prendre le devant des choses = to be proactive, to take the initiative, to take the lead in matters/things

    Use the Linguee website, always a good source of inspiration when translating:

    Selon le Centre, la Société civile doit prendre le devant dans le renforcement de la sensibilisation aux lois, activités et plans de la CAE au sein des parties

    Civil society must take the lead in fostering awareness of the EAC's laws, activities, and plans among all stakeholders in the region, the center argues.


    The whole phrase with "des choses" seems to crop up more in Francophone African contexts, e.g.

    Mon cher ami qu'est-ce-que toi tu as déjà fait ? Prends le devant des choses et on va te suivre.

    My dear friend, what have YOU done (about it) so far? Take the lead in things and people will follow you.


    Source(s): Studied and taught French.
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  • 8 years ago

    "Prendre les devants" would mean to take things further. I haven't come across this in the singular.

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  • 8 years ago

    I have the strong feeling someone used an online translator. Every word in your sentence is French indeed, but the word order is wrong. Literally it says "take it before things", but that does not make sense. They probably meant something along the lines of "first things first" or "take it as a fact", but thats just a guess.

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  • It means....to take things

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