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if Lieutenant Dan is a Lieutenant what rank is Forest Gump in the War and what rank is he on the Shrimp boat?

arent they both Captains on the Shrimp Boat, is that a demotion or promotion for Forest Gump or Lieutenant Dan?

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    Lieutenant Dan told Forrest if he were ever a shrimp boat captain, he'd be his first mate. The captain owns the boat, and Lt. Dan would work with him instead of working for him, knowing the generosity of Forrest. I think Lt. Dan dropped his precedence, because he considered him a friend. So he didn't lose anything but upped Forrest in his books.

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    Forrest was a private in the Army and was the Captain of the shrimp boat. Lt Dan was the first mate on the boat. And they both lived happily ever after. And I think going from the military (where people are shooting at you) to a good civilian job is always a promotion.

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    I love Forrest Gump!!! If in case you have the DVD, just go watch the targeted points. They provide an explanation for it all. They blanketed his legs up like every person else stated and took several unique angels shots of the background then with him then super imposed them on to at least one an extra.

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