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Should I ride this horse?

We have a horse staying at a neighbors house now. He is a palomino gelding and is probably getting close to 10. We got him at the sale barn About 6? Years ago and he was a good riding horse. We sent him off for training once and then a girl leased him and rode him a lot. We haven't seen him in a couple years. My horse died a couple years back and I am ready to ride again but he is all we have. One person said he was stubborn.. I want to start barrel racing and stuff. Should I go get him and just see how he is? Get someone more experienced to see? Send him for more training? All I know is I need to start the relationship/bonding with him.


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    I think its a good idea just bring him out and take a look at him or possibly get a more experienced rider to come and take a look at the way he moves and see if he will be ok to barrel race as you don't want to barrel race a horse that can't really do it or because it hurts his legs or ect but I think its a really good idea if nobody has ridden him in a while to give him another chance to please and do some work that he enjoys. Well the best of luck I really hope he works out :) Good Luck

    P.S make sure you bond with him become a team and work together that the biggest thing between you and a horse

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    If you have a trainer or more experienced horse friend, ask them to come with you to try him out. Ask the friend/trainer to ride him first. If he seems fine them get on an try him.

    I don't know how much experience you have but i would just re-train and get the horse back into work myself. The problem with sending them off to get trained is that they learn to be ridden differently than you would ride. Maybe the trainer rode with a crop or spurs but you don't *shrug*

    Go and see him, if you have a riding instructor ask her/him to work with him for a while if he seems out of tune. Make sure to ride him regularly if you do decide to ride him again and make plans to have lessons or be overlooked by a riding instructor :)

    To get a relationship with him, you we deft not want to send him to be trained. He'll learn to respect his trainer but prob not you. Getting a horse back into work and getting them to listen to you will earn you respect and trust, which is something you need with a horse to form any bond :)

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Is currently getting a one-eyed horse back into regular work :) Even though i have to push Bandit every day, he stills waits for me to bring him in from the field, still stands perfectly in the cross-ties while i tighten his girth, and he still lets me take him into the wash-stall where he lost his eye. Earn trust and you'll have a best friend forever :) ♥
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    Hey, i think you should go and see him. Maybe ride him a few times and see how fast he is (as you said you want to do barrel racing) If you like him, start visiting him more and maybe things will just 'click'. If he doesn't suit what you want, maybe you could try another discipline, like jumping. That's really fun. Hope this helps!!!

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    go see him, then the time after that bring an experienced rider friend to tell you what they think. stubborn is not always bad. my horse is stubborn, but that doesn't stop us.

    train my own horse, I don't trust other people with my horse...


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