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請問如何用英文跟人要回security deposit

因為我後來沒有租所以我要要回security deposit


後來找到了那請問該怎麼說 才不會尷尬以及清楚ㄋ


但是這不是什麼正是簽約或是怎樣只是一個朋友的朋友他讓我租他的小房間然後我先給他security deposit就這樣而已 他之前說要給我但是他在度假(真的再度假)後來我忘了號碼之類之類的但是我想他因該還是會還我因為朋友的朋友不過我不知到該如何說

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    Dear XXX:

    I am writing to ask you to return my security deposit of $YY, as we have agreed. I could not have contacted you earlier because I have not been able to find your phone number until recently. Please transfer the fund to my bank account (Bank information ZZZ) or a check to me (Address information: WWW).

    後頭 銀行資料(Bank information) 或 住址 (Address information) 只要一個即可。

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    Don't give away your bank account number.

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    那是訂金或保證承租的金額, 如未履行承諾是不可退回的; 相對的, 如房東收了訂金卻無法出租給你, 他必須加倍返還.

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    really? You really do have a good friend.

    I think you should consider it a donation to his vacation fund.

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    If this happened in US, you would have NO chance to get it back! In US, if you break the lease or contract, you will forfeit your deposit. However, you might be able to fight the case in court, if you have the proof that you didn't actually rent it, and have the receipt for the deposit.

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