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由於跨國企業興起,近年全球經濟已趨近停滯,因此企業部門與部門之間、企業與廠商之間、企業與客戶之間,其關係皆需要更緊密結合。對於已導入ERP 軟體的企業,其功能必需更完整、快速與健全,才能使公司累積的企業文化與知識被(1)妥善儲存(2)快速傳達(3)授權瀏覽與分享(4)安全管理,因此,透過本研究的分析,可了解己導入傳統ERP 軟體之企業,對於現行ERP 使用之現狀(各產業導入前後之差異)、未來需求、導入雲端ERP 之益處台灣大型企業目前大多已導入 ERP ,且擁有較完整的資訊化系統,而數量佔全國98%的中小企業,卻常因人力及預算的不足而無法選擇較適當的 E 化資源,再加上導入一套適合中小企業適用的ERP 動輒數百萬新台幣,非一般中小型企業所能負荷。因此,本論文的研究結果可提供國內資服廠商作為開發系統之策略參考,以開發出較低成本之雲端ERP 軟體,供尚未導入之ERP 中小型企業順利採用。


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    Because the transnational corporation rises, recent years global economy has already tended the near stagnation, therefore enterprise section and of of section, enterprise and the manufacturer's, enterprise and customer, its relation all needs more close combine.For have already duct into an enterprise of ERP software, its function must be more complete, rapid and sound, so as to make the corporate culture and knowledge of company accumulation carefully store(2)(1) to quickly inform(3) authorization to browse with sharing(4) security management, therefore, through this the analysis for studying, can understand F duct into an enterprise of traditional ERP software, for status quo(each industry difference in the front and back of the ducting) of the current ERP use, future the need, ducting high in the clouds advantage of ERP large Taiwanese enterprise mostly have already duct into ERP currently, and own more complete information to turn the system, while the amount has the small and medium enterprises that whole country is 98%, but often can not choose that the more likely E turns a resource, and duct into a set of suitable small and medium enterprises because of shortage of the manpower and budget

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