Why Conservatives oppose Agenda 21? What is it actually?

I heard that it intrudes upon property rights.Now coming from the United Nations,and with a name like that, I won't be surprised if there's something very fishy about it,though sugar-coated with words like "Sustainable development" and all.So can anyone tell me what is this Agenda 21 thing all about, how it affects people's freedom, their property rights and national sovereignty? What would be the problems if this is enforced?

(I searched wikipedia for it and there's too much journalese about it.So please tell me in simple terms.......and I am asking it to conservatives as opposition comes from the Conservative fold.And further UN+Liberals sounds ominous enough to me)


@SrqSeo The fact that @$$h0|e spells it "WikApedia" says it all.

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@Srqseo Evading the main question and wisecracking is the sign of a liberal.

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@pdoma Mate, can you put up the summary of the link you provide in a few simple words?What exactly they want USA and it's citizens to do through Agenda 21?

Update 4:

@Bekindto Holy F***!! That's an alarming thing.And it's even more alarming if people are unaware of it and doing nothing about it.But I suppose Alabama kicked this Agenda 21 thing hard and there is strong opposition to it.UN is showing it's true colours.

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    It is an agreement signed by 178 countries in 1992 to include the US (George H W Bush). Its the New World Order he spoke about. It is driven by global climate change and the result is supposed to be equal economies, environments, and societies world wide. It is to be financed by Western Nations because they are blamed for global climate change. It is to create total interdependency between nations so that none can survive without the others. That is supposed to lead to peace because if any country gets out of line, the UN will be able to control them. Different international organizations have been spreading our wealth since 1992 through trade agreements. There is also now a global financial system. We have UN peacekeepers, the IMF and World Bank. The WHO determines what nations need to do for a good health care system. The Declaration of Human Rights will replace our Bill of Rights. The Human Rights have to do with housing, water/food, health care, and some kind of education, not individual rights.

    Sustainable Development is being initiated all over the world. Its known as Smart Growth. It stops further development in the suburbs or people from buying an acre of land to build a home. The counties develop zoning laws that prohibit private citizens from using their land as they choose. The end result is for 50% of the land in the US to be off limits to human beings. People will be living in urban areas in high rise apartments divided equally according to race, culture, etc and all income levels will live the same. (except for the elites) Its why we have "migration" rather than enforcing our immigration laws. There will be very few single family dwellings. It will likely become unaffordable due to energy costs, high taxes, and regulations. Eventually they want no automobiles, just train travel. Farming will be done by each urban area. They will raise their own food on surrounding acreage designated for agriculture. The whole US has already been mapped out for human developments which will mostly be in the middle eastern part of the US. Nobody will own anything and consumerism will not exist. No meat. Rationed water. Regional government officials. Global government.

    Entire states have already begun Smart Growth. California would be one of them. There are many lawsuits concerning the EPA and private land use at this time. Also against local governments as people are more and more finding that due to zoning laws, their property becomes worthless.

  • pdooma
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    It's wishful thinking.

    Seriously, just read it from the source. http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/agenda21/

    As for why conservatives oppose it, it's generally not the best policy to make agreements with an organization that doesn't keep their side of the bargain. It's also never a good idea to give away one's sovereign right to say no.

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    9 years ago

    Imma liberal and I think the US consitution shouuld be the law of the land, NOT the UN treay!

    and STOP THE NWO thats why!

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    The fact that you use Wikapedia as a reference source says it all.

    Using profanity is a sign of weak intelligence.

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