Who makes Nuclear Weapons?

I want to get a job making Nuclear Weapons for a country, Russia or America. I know both languages fluently as well. Im only 15 years old, but I am very interested in Physics in the category of Thermonuclear weapons.

I know what is used inside of nuclear weapons, but WHO or WHAT make them? Machines? People?

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  • John C
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    8 years ago
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    Nuclear weapons are largely machine-made, and assembled by people. But there are many technicians and scientists involved in the process.

    The countries which currently make nuclear weapons, or at least have a nuclear arsenal, are the USA, Russia, France, Peoples Republic of China, UK, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea. Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine inherited weapons from the Soviet Union, but did not retain them. South Africa developed its own nuclear weapons, but uniquely gave them up.

    There are - or were - active programmes to develop nuclear weapons in Iran, Libya, Syria, Brazil and possibly non-state players, such as Al Qaeda.

    If you want the best chance of permanent employment, try the USA. Russia still has an active programme, but job security may be limited. They may also be suspicious as to why an American would want to work for them. If you are Jewish Israel may be an option.

    If you want the money, try Iran or Al Qaeda. Though you may not live to spend it.

    But whatever you do, you would have to complete a first class degree first, and pass stringent security checks.

  • lare
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    8 years ago

    nuclear weapons have not been manufactured for about 50 years. such weapons start to deteriorate immediately on construction, so they require continual maintenance. if the USA or Russia were to deploy these weapons today, there is a high probability that many would be duds, which is why we keep a large number available as it might take 2 or 3 to neutralize a target.

    thermonuclear physics is a dead end career wise. even for terrorists. it takes an fission bomb to be the trigger for the H bomb. Terrorists would be perfectly happy to settle for a fission bomb. Anyone with a high school understanding of physics and access to the internet can decipher how to make one. Rogue nations and terrorists have scientists for the purpose of manufacturing the component parts which takes a lot of engineering expertise, especially for the trigger mechanism.

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    He must be making plans this. Its additionally possible that ran has already obtained nuclear weapons from Russia. the considerable info are: a million. the only criminal foundation for opposing Iranian nuclear weapons is the non-proliferation treaty. 2. This treaty ensures non-nuclear armed states the superb suited to non violent nuclear technologies. 3. The treaty additionally demands the nuclear armed international locations to decommission thier nuclear weapons. None has completed so different than South Africa - which develped them in breach of the treaty. the USA of a and uk are continuing tro improve new nuclear weapons - as though they have not got sufficient already. 4.Israel has actual already more advantageous such weapons i breach of the treaty - without sanction from every physique. 5. A (in all possibility or certainly) nuclear skill is the only useful assure the Iranians have against US aggression. 6. Iran replace into the sufferer of the american subsidized Iran-Iraq warfare of 1980-88. 7. the US consequently became on its puppet Saddam for failing to win this conflict, and has no longer stopped threatening Iran ever considering.

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    The US doesn't really make nuclear weapons any more. There is no longer such a threat from the Soviet Union. The closest you'd be able to find here is in the maintenance/upkeeping of our existing nuclear arsenal. That's mostly done at either Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (near Oakland, CA) and the Los Alamos National Laboratory (about 1.5 hours north of Albuquerque NM).

    They mostly higher people with post graduate degrees, so you'll need to keep in school and do well.

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  • 8 years ago

    Nuclear weapons are built by private companies such as the companies that built military airplanes. These companies work for the government. After getting your degree in nuclear physics, approach any company that works with nuclear energy and nuclear weapons and apply for an entry-level position.

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    dude, america. dont help the russians.

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