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There are these tiny orange spiders on my plant should I be worried ?

Also there are tiny flying black little bugs on my plant by the way there not literally on the plant thier crawling around on the soil

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    These are likely mites. The can be harmful to plants, but you need to find out which ones you have.

    Some mites are predatory and kill harmful insects. If something is eating or damaging your plants, likely one is causing the damage, the other feeding on the culprits.

    Mites breed in the soil, and my guess is the small flying bug is eating the larvae.

    The tiny flying bug may actually be a beneficial wasp or fly.

    There are organic acaricides that are safe for plants available at garden centers, or home improvement stores. You might do some research on predatory insects and natural pest control.

    You can learn about all the 'good' bugs, and identify 'bad' bugs and how to deal with them.

    Hope this helps

    Source(s): UC Irvine, entomology
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They sound like spider mites, spray it with some systemic spider mite spray. Read on the package what types of plants the spray is safe on and don't spray in direct sunlight or leave the plant in the sun to dry. The flying black bugs are probably fungus gnats. You could spray them, but I think it is easier to just let the soil in the plant dry out a bit, by doing so you will stop them from breeding. Fungus gnats appear when soil is kept too wet. Let the soil dry out between waterings, this will not only keep you from having fungus gnats, but your plant will probably do much better.

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    Use malathon spray. you additionally can attempt in basic terms a small lid with some beer in it. It atracts the bugs and kills them. or use a aluminum pie pan with some sliced cucumber and a small quantity of water. It sends a small electric ask your self to the floor and runs away the bugs.

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    Definitely. Sounds like spider mites. Go pick up some spray.

    Source(s): RPO
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