Makeup ideas for highschool?

Hey there! I'm starting high school this year and I want a nice natural daytime look for school. I know there will be some girls that don't wear makeup, and then girls that wear WAY too much, I just want to get y'all's opinion on what you think would be appropriate. I'm currently using some concealer, brown eyeliner (on top lash line), sometimes brown eyeshadow, black lengthening mascara, and clear lip gloss, but I want to try something new. I'm not into bright trendy colors, I just like simple, classic, but pretty looks. I can apply just about any type of makeup so i don't need instruction or product suggestion, I'm just not very good at coming up with my own new looks. And also, I was wondering how to get the smudged eyeliner look. Like, a really thick, but not dark line on the top lash line. Does anyone know how to do this? And if this helps, I have very fair skin with pink undertones, dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes.

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    9 years ago
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    You could watch this video:

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    I would go to the store and get the Covergirl Palette thingy in Shimmering Sands. Its very pretty and natural.

    Also put like white eyeshadow or a light color in the inner corner.

    Also use powder to set your concealer.

    I have other tutorials in the other boxy thing. Hope this helped

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    Try a different color eyeliner instead of brown. A hunter green would look good, best on a hazel eye is an eggplant type color. Some pencils have smuggers on the other end of the pencil. Otherwise you can buy a smugger brush. Nars smugger brush is one of my favorites, and if you want something more tailored in the cut, Ysl #4 brush is great. The unprofessional way- use a q-tip. If you take one hand a sling our eye and keep the pencil line small and tight, then smuge the end up and out a bit on the outter part of the eye. The closer the eyeliner is to the lash line will make your lashes look thicker and fuller. For a more dramatic look you can add eyeliner pencil to the upper inner rim of your eyes. I wouldn't recommend doing the lower and upper inner eye line unless you have big eyes. That can make your eyes look smaller. Good luck, remember sometimes less is more.

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    You could change up your look by applying a different combination of eyeshadow. I wear a champagne color all over my eyelid and a brown in the crease. It still looks very natural. To get the smudged eyeliner look, get a brown or black pencil eyeliner and make a thick line. Then take a sponge tip applicator or a Q-Tip and lightly go over the eyeliner until it is smudged out to your liking :)

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    Based on how you look , I think you should wear " Black Eyeliner" under your eyes . Try not to put too much , just a "thin" strip under your eye . Please don't wear any type of "lipstick" cosidering your only in the 9th grade. Try to wear "lipgloss" but make sure your lipgloss has a color in it such as pink or red. You should apply a little of "foundation" if you don't know what that is , ask your mom. :) And you should keep your eye mascara . Im only 14 and I don't wear any make up , but if i did that's what I would wear. :) Email me @:

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