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Plz tell me what this movie is?

There is an older spoof type movie I saw on TNT or something when I was a kid. I want to say it had Emilio estevez in it. There was one part I remember where his soul came out n saw the like ghost with black hoods n you cant see there face. Well he said the hell with that and got back in his body. There was also a part where a guy fell n landed n the wrong spot and there was tape laid down n thr shape of a body and the guy crawled to the position and then ”was dead” I know this is very brief but its all I can remember but I need to know what.it is????

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    I think it's Loaded Weapon 1 (1993)

    Hilarious from start to finish, this movie lampoons pretty much any action movie which includes Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, Basic Instinct, Silence of the Lambs, and even Wayne's World. It tells the story of detectives Colt and Luger two miss-matched detectives that come together to solve the murdering of Luger's old partener. Colt and Luger are played hilariously by Emilio Estevez (Colt) and Samuel L. Jackson (Luger). Other hilarious preformances come from the two villians, Tim Curry and William Shatner, also from Jon Lovitz. The cameos are countless. They include Whoppi Goldberg, Bruce Willis, Charlie Sheen, Phil Hartman, Corey Feldman, Paul Gleason, F Murray Abraham, and Erik Estrada. You will have to watch the movie more than once to catch all of the jokes and puns.The movie pretty much mocks Lethal Weapon, with the buddy-cop theme.

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    Nightmares pretty sure or Scary Movie

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    Loaded Weapon 1?

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    Hmm I could be wrong but it sounds like The Frighteners

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    i'm taking a wild guess, Nightmares

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    i think you mean charlie sheen, scary movie 3?

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    I would tell you if I knew it

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