Who still blindly believes the Colorado shooter acted alone?


There is so much that doesn't add up here, yet the ignorant populace is being strung around by the media and is focusing on the irrelevant distraction that is 'gun control.'

Why don't you people wake up and start asking REAL questions?


@Kyrie: I have no 'proof,' just evidence. If you took a few minutes to watch the youtube vid, you would see it consists of news reporters conducting interviews with eyewitnesses who insinuate the gunmen wasn't acting alone (starting @2:33 in the youtube video)

***One witness stated they saw someone take a phone call prior to the movie beginning and go to the exit door the shooter later entered (this would explain how Holmes entered a locked emergency exit.)

***Another witnessed stated the second gas canister thrown came from the left side of the theater (opposite of the right side where the first was thrown.)

Besides.... Since when do Neuroscience students study how to make complex bombs?

I get tired of holding people's hand through these types of things. You need to wake up and pay attention to more than what the media is spoon feeding you.

Update 2:

@AyeHye: Sorry, if you think a broadcast by my local FOX 19 News station is a "conspiracy theory video" then you have other mental issues you need to work out. Open your eyes.

Update 3:

@WallyZ: OK, but can a line of credit teach you how to make and rig intricate bombs? ...then alter your conscious to tell police about the booby traps?

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  • WallyZ
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    9 years ago
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    You are relying on a Faux News report? Dreamer. You can easily search the internet and get such information. Secondly, a graduate student is a prime candidate to get multiple credit cards with a decent credit limit. Since he had no plan to pay the charges off, he could load up with 2 or more cards. My feeling is Faux is trying to play up the story. z

    Reply: I should have included this in the original post.

    A line of credit can't teach you how to make bombs but a DSL line can. There are online guides and militia books that you can buy on the cheap. They are often available at the larger gun shops and shows. And it isn't really that hard to do since many of the military mines and similar devices even have a hook, a clasp, or a way to attach a tripwire. As long as each end is secure and there are no catches on the wire, it isn't hard at all. BTW, It does take longer to clean an area than set one up because some of the more sophisticated "experts" can booby trap a booby trap to explode if someone messes with the obviously visible bomb.

  • 9 years ago

    I put on my tinfoil hat and took took a peek down the rabbit hole on this one :P

    There is so much to this that doesn't make sense, and I kept finding more and more. Here's what I found...

    The Norway massacre paralleled the Batman massacre on many levels...Both had semi auto 5.56 rifles, 12 gauge shotguns, pistols, bought bomb making supplies and high capacity magazines off the internet, put together home made police uniforms (Holmes was dressed like SWAT) etc., but here's the kicker...

    The Norway massacre was 7/22/11- Batman Massacre was 7/20/12...However both happened on the same Friday of the same week of the same month, essentially making it the same day.

    This Batman shooting happened at Cinema Century 16. Century=100+16=116~ transversed = 911

    There is a huge amount of occult/Illuminati type creepy weirdness to this as well that I'm not going to get very deep into. If you want to read about it check the links. Here are more facts that aren't explained well in these links...

    The school where the victims were taken was Gateway High school whose motto is "Home of the Olympians." The monument in front of the school bears this motto along with an image of rings and Olympic torch.

    At the same time all this was going down with James Holmes shooting up the theater, Lisa Holmes was the first one to carry the Olympic torch in London. It doesn't start or end there...check the links...

  • 9 years ago

    He got a $26k grant from the government and dropped out of his PHD program in June. He could have set his cell phone to ring like an alarm clock which would sound like getting a call to give him an unsuspecting excuse to go out the exit door which he then propped open so he could get back in with his weapons and tear gas. He said he was dressed like the Joker when he got his ticket to go into the movie. He passed a background check to buy the guns although he failed the test in how to use them. He could have learned to use the weapons out in an unpopulated area by himself. His gun jammed so he may not have learned to use it well. As far as the gas goes, he probably had one in each hand and threw them in different directions.

    Remember, this guy isn't stupid. I can't answer why he had his apartment booby trapped unless he hoped someone would open the door due to the loud music to distract the police so he could get away after his shooting rampage. People can learn to make bombs on line. If it would have exploded after he was arrested, the attention would have been diverted from him. I think he was doing an experiment in human behavior since he sent his plans to his professor. Sick as that is.

  • 9 years ago

    Of course he was not alone. There is now a new ton of facts coming out he wasnt. The latest is that is was a Air Force Sy-Ops and he was a MK-ultra victom. How interesting it is however that this happened several days before Obama our Dictator is passing the new U.N. International gun ban which will completely dismantle and destroy our 2nd ammendment so they can roll right in and take our guns and then kill us. Or are you one of those brainwashed mainstream media victoms that thinks the United Nations is a humanitarian organization? Well they are not. They are a huge multi-country murderous war machine that works and takes its orders from the Globalists/ New World Order. There agenda, destroy and create wars for profit and power. And attain there final agenda, there Orwellian 1 World Government. And trust me, there getting there real fast. Its not important to try to salvage this country anymore, although all the activists are all heros. Its all about how much preparing you must do to survive, water/food/GUNS/shelter/silver&gold if possible.Because there is sum rough days ahead.Links. http://youtu.be/azSZhRTDoYE

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    good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't want to watch a YouTube conspiracy video. If you want to make the case that Holmes had accomplices, please, by all means, make the case.

    My first impression is that there was nothing to gain by attacking that theater, so there's no real reason that anyone would conspire to undertake an act of utterly senseless violence.

    I guess Harris and Klebold did, of course, but it's not as though one of them tried to hide in the shadows...

  • 9 years ago

    "Why don't you people wake up and start asking REAL questions?"

    Sure! You search for conspiracy theories searching for the answers to violence while gun sales increase to 41% in Colorado.

    *is reminded of the saying 'can't see the forest for the trees*

    Guns don't kill people. Conspiracies do.

  • What the hell is that thing at the start of the video and why should I listen to it instead of calling Animal Control?

  • 9 years ago

    I believe that no rational individual should have any strong opinion on what happened in CO at this time.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't know if he acted alone or not, but I do know that he shot up that theatre and we got is azz. Time to make him pay.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That news anchor is freakishly tan.

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