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Should I learn French or Spanish in highschool?

For freshman year, I already picked French, but I can ask to switch to Spanish. I want to learn both, but I can only have one language. :( I want to go to France one day to be a model or just go shopping and I really want to see the Eiffel Tower and try foods. But I listen to alot of Spanish music & my brother is a sophmore and is already taking a Spanish class. And I want to understand what he says to me when he randomly speaks Spanish. I want to go to Mexico or Spain one day. & You can learn Spanish easily from lots of places, but people usually don't teach French. I dont know what to pick. I love both languages and I've been studying both languages at the same time at home because I have a small Language book from my 8th grade foreign language teacher. But it doesnt have alot to learn, just the basics. What should I do?


I can have one year French and the rest Spanish or I can just learn one language for 4 years.

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    If we're talking elementary level stuff, Spanish is easier. Pronunciation is easier and basic conjugation is easier to remember, at least in my experience. The problem with Spanish is that the deeper you get into the language, it does get harder. There are lots of irregulars that are hard to remember. French is harder at first but easier at an advanced level. Both share lots of vocab with English though, so neither should give you a ton of trouble.

    Do you live plan on living in the U.S. for most of your life?

    If so, Spanish will be a lot more useful and beneficial and will look great on your resume.

    French is hardly ever used here in the U.S.

    Also, aside from the whole immigration debate, the majority of Americans feel much more comfortable and familiar with the Latin culture than they do with the French culture. This is because the French have a reputation for being snobbish, standoffish, unwelcoming, arrogant and they are very open about hating Americans and American culture. How many white/caucasian Americans love Mexican food? Almost all of them. How many love French food? Very few of them and many find it weird. Frog legs? Blech!

    There are some things I like about the French (like their delicious pastries and desserts). But I have to admit, I think it's disgusting how they eat so many baby animals such as veal (baby cow/calf) which was invented in France. The calves live in horrible conditions in dark tiny sheds before they are given mercy and slaughtered. The French also invented Foie Gras (French for "fat liver") which is made with the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened. This fattening is achieved through force-feeding which causes all sorts of health problems for the animals and the conditions they endure are horrific. The birds are tortured in order to make foie gras.

    Countries like the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have all BANNED the making of foie gras in their countries because it is a form of extreme animal abuse. But the French are perfectly fine with this. It makes you wonder why their cuisine requires so much cruelty??? That is one thing about the French that I cannot wrap my head around.

    Also keep in mind that some Americans think the French are cowardly and spineless due to their country's history and how they assisted the Nazis. They are also known for having extremely liberal views when it comes to children and the age of consent. It's seen as normal in their culture for an old nasty perverted man with mental issues like Roman Polanksi to be with a little underage prepubescent girl. So a lot of people in America have this view about the French that they have very poor moral values and that they don't protect their children very well (especially after the Polanski scandal).

    Of course, there are others like myself that love Europe (especially Italy). But a lot of Americans think you're a EURO-WANNABE if you learn French, particularly because we don't have a good relationship with the French.

    "I don't enjoy the Hispanic Culture at all"

    I don't know what you mean by that. Maybe you've been surrounded by low-class, ghetto, or chongo Latinos/Hispanics?? There are a few bad apples in every culture and region.

    The Hispanic Culture is awesome! I don't think there is even a more fun-loving positive happy culture than Latinos/Hispanics. Just look at the award ceremonies like the Latin Grammys and then compare them with their American counterparts which look so boring in comparison. Ever watch ABC's Modern Family? Sophia Vergara's spunkyness and joie de vivre (see what I did there? LOL) is a huge reason why that show has such good ratings.

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    Spanish is the third most used language in the world,French is #11.Unless you will be able to use French then go for Spanish.Spanish and French share some things in common but they are very different as well.

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    You can defiantly ask to be switched to Spanish. I would recommend Spanish all four years because you will have a job once you are grown up. These places need bilingual people to communicate to Spanish speakers. Sometimes, these people get paid extra.

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    It can help you


    Wow great your dissertation about the french lol

    Yeah our army was crushed by the german Blitzkrieg in 1940 but Petain and Vichy France collaborated with the nazis (despite of they scutted our navy at Toulon in 1942 to prevent the german taking it), not De Gaulle and the Free French force who still fought the nazis alongside the american who permit our liberation.

    French Bashing shows that some American (a minority) hate us, just because some stupid little disagreements we have.

    Both of our soldiers fought in Vietnam, both of our soldiers fought against Britain. We both fought in American revolution, we both fought in WW1, we both fought in WW2. France is the oldest American ally and we never went to war against you. We don't hate you...

    Then France is "arrogant" ?...but tell me USA is known to be the most arrogant country in the world, (USA is the most powerfull country in the world), No isn't it ?

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    Spanish, more countries and is more abundant around the world. And i personally think that it would open doors to more cultures than french would

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    you can try them both for free here, before term begins and you have to decide:


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