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How much would it cost to charter a Jet?

Hey, I'm wondering how much would it cost to charter a luxurious Business Jet such as a Gulfstream G450 others similar to it. What is the hourly rate?

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    Roughly $7,500 to $8,000 USD per flight hour for a G450/550..

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    Gulfstream G450 Cost

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    It is dependent upon the dimensions of the aircraft and the market rate on your geographic subject. Should you click on on the hyperlink to charterhub and enter your Zip code in the subject that says 'find charter aircraft', you can see a list of the available plane for your subject and what they charge per hour to charter them.

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    5-10K per hour for a jet that size. You could probably charter a King Air for about 1-2K per hour.

    If you are actually serious about doing this, any charter company will have a charter sales department you can email, that will build a quote for you.

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    Can only give you an example. My CJ-1 goes for $1500 per flight hour and it makes no difference weather it one way or round trip, loaded or only 1 person because you pay from enghine start to shut down at home base minimum rental is three hours and crew pay is included.

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    If you need ask, I can assure you that there is no way you can even think of affording such a thing.

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    It doesn't go by the hourly rate. It depends on where you are going, and whether it is one way, or round trip.

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    They do it by the mile, not the hour; so where to where would be the first question.

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