Which language is commonly spoken in Australia?

Well, this year I graduated with a Bachelors in Business with a major in Accounting from UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles). I worked extremely hard and, to reward myself, I'm going to visit a cool country - maybe checkout the wildlife of Africa or the natural beauty of Australia. I don't want to visit an Americanized country. To be honest, I'm quite tired of seeing malls, McDonalds and Katy Perry everywhere.

So I have made two choices: visit Africa (continent) or visit Australia. So, I'd like to know which language is commonly spoken in Australia to prepare myself for any uncertainties. Do you guys understand English? Also, what's the natural beauty like in Australia? I've heard quite a bit about the wildback (desert) and it would be amazing to camp there with the locals to experience a whole different world. Steve Irwin has showed some beautiful places in Australia and it's great to see that people there are living through the simplest means with as little as possible. I commend you Australians! *Sigh* I need a break from this materialistic country!


I don't understand the anger. I'm sorry, I just wanted to inquire about the language. Australia isn't resonated in the minds of Americans, that's why I asked.

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    Oh boy, Australia really must seem a long way away for you. So aside from half of Australia shaking their heads in disbelief at how green your question sounds, I will attempt to answer it in the spirit with which it was asked - pure innocence:

    Most western countries in the world have cities with shopping malls and some Americanised stuff. You will find that sort of thing in Johannesburg just as you would in Sydney, Australia. But you can also find amazing wilderness areas and ancient beautiful landscapes in what us Australians call the outback. You have to travel beyond the cities to places on the edge of your comfort zone. I would suggest you join an outback camping tour, with tents and campfire meals included. This way you get to experience the simple life, while also backed up by experienced guides that can handle any emergency. The outback can be a dangerous place for the unwary. So don't head out there without taking someone along who is experienced in travelling in these regions.

    I would suggest you visit Western Australia. Fly to Perth and then take tours or drive yourself up the west coast. Be sure to visit some of the following outback areas:

    * the Pinnacles desert

    * Shark Bay and Monkey Mia

    * Ningaloo Reef

    * Kata Tjuta NP - including, Red Gorge, Hancock Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Python Pool.

    * Horizontal Falls

    * the Bungle Bungles (Purnulu NP).

    * the Gibb River road through the Kimberley region (off road vehicles only).

    * any of the pristine beaches along the west coast - including Cape Keraudren, Kalbarri, Cable Beach and many others.

    If you visit Queensland then be sure to check out:

    * the Great Barrier reef

    * the Daintree Rainforest (the world's oldest rainforest)

    * Gulf of Carpentaria

    A few things you need to know:

    * Language - everyone in the country speaks English in some form or other. It is the national language. Australia follows many British spelling conventions. Although we do recognise and understand most Americanisms when we see them.

    * Australia is a huge country. It is about the same size as the continental United States, with 1/10 of the population. Most of the people living here live within 100 miles of the beach. So when you head into the outback it really is an empty place. It is quite true that in the remotest areas neighbours can be more than 100 kms away from each other.

    * Distances are huge. It is about 2500 miles (4000 kms) from the west coast to the east coast. You need to pick a region and concentrate on seeing what there is to see there. You will likely need to travel by jet aircraft between major cities, and even regional towns to get near to where you want to go. You are looking at around a 13 hour flight from west coast of America to east coast of Australia. Flights from Sydney to Perth are about 4 hours flying time.

    * The Australian outback is a harsh and unforgiving place. You will need to be prepared for visiting it. I strongly suggest you choose an outback tour over trying to visit these places on your own. You don't want to put yourself in the position where people cannot find you. Australia is like a hot version of Canada. If you stray off the beaten track far enough, you can find yourself lost very easily.

    In saying all this, Australia is an amazing place. It has wildlife found no where else on the planet. It has landscapes that will take your breath away. It is well worth the effort to find those untouched corners of this continent. They will be memories you will never forget. Have a great trip.

    Source(s): I grew up in the outback. Australian ,,,^..^,,,
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    Wow, I hope you are a troll.

    In case you're serious... Australians speak and write British English.

    It's the Outback, not the Wildback (although there is a nightclub called the Wildback, but I wouldn't recommend it).

    McDonalds is a global chain, along with a few others like Burger King and Hungry Jacks. So it's everywhere, however in Australia you will either find it at a truck stop where you are only looking to fill a hole, or in a locale where a few metres down the road you a likely to find a restaurant or cafe type establishment where real food is served.

    Few words of warning though, we prefer our food and drinks with a little more flavour than the average American diet, so you will also find our coffee stronger, our bread less sweet, our beer colder, and generally our food spicier.

    But if you feel it's all a bit much we do have some American "Candy" stores and a couple of Costcos' smattered around some of the cities.

    Source(s): I live here and I've travelled.
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    It might surprise you to know that Australia is one of the world's most urbanised countries, with 70% of the population living in cities. Most of the rest are in regional centres, with very few living in the Outback. Unfortunately we are just as materialistic as the US, McDonald's appears in most towns, and Katy Perry and other US clones are well-known. Believe it or not we live in large cities, with suburbs, transport systems, traffic congestion, work in big modern buildings, watch TV, and our daily life is probably very similar to that of Americans. Oh, we have lots of malls as well!

    If you do decide to come here, I strongly suggest you get a tourist guidebook and learn a little about the country well before you decide to travel. And, whatever you do, do not attempt to camp in the Outback, only those people who have good survival skills can manage to do this safely, and I strongly suspect you are not in this category.

    As you know of Steve Irwin, presumably you watched some of his TV programs, you'd know he spoke English. Did it not occur to you that this might be the national language here? It would only take you a few seconds to Google Australia's national language, and you would have avoided all the sarcastic answers. We're well aware that Americans speak English (well, a form of it anyway) so why is it that Americans have little or know awareness of the languages others speak!

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    Thank you for proving yet again the absolute arrogance and ignorance of all things American.

    How utterly stereotypical of the ''Dumb Yank'' you are. If it is NOT inside the US it is -less, 2nd class, below ???

    You people are hated the world over for this attitude.

    Now, be a good very badly educated boy and go play with your guns and bullets and maybe that will make you happy.

    If you are not a troll and are an actual real person, my comment to you is this. You are a bloody moron and frankly, Australia wouldnt have a damn thing to offer bogans like you.

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    I'm sure by now you realise we speak English here - you are most welcome to visit, but be assured, Australia is pretty well Americanised - we are an industrialised first world nation - influences from both US and Britain. Australia would certainly be easier for you to travel around than Africa. We have everything from skiing (winter only) to coral reefs to deserts, rainforests, fine wine country, wilderness in abundance.

    The southwest of W.A. where I live is one of the world's biodiversity hotspots, with hundreds of plant and animal species found nowhere else. It's worth a look.

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    Either you're completely silly or you think we are. There is NO way you could have gone to university in California and not known the basics of Australia.

    When I was at school, we used to laugh about UCLA (United Crump Lovers' Association). In English!

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    MVP, I have to laugh at your post. you have put your foot right in the stool this time. It's your obnoxious attitude that gets these people, like you do us off side. Also let me tell you about "YOUR" institution, McDonald's, also known as "Chew and Spew", they are every where, or haven't you noticed, yes even in South Africa.

    You should stop there and do another course in Humane Humility.

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    graduated with a Bachelors in Business with a major in Accounting???

    & you are too stupid to know what language we speak in Australia


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