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Politics after West Point?

I'm just wondering the likeliness of a successful career in American politics after graduation form West Point with a major in American Politics. Now, just to clear this up considering I got negative replies on this last time I posted, I am not just using West Point as a pass to politics. Sorry if I mislead and offended anyone in my last question. I look forward to potentially serving as an officer in the US Army and if I was admitted to West Point would most likely re-enlist after my 5 year service. The only reason I am asking this question is because I know that the military cannot always offer you a job once you are out of active duty. Also, what other jobs can an American Politics major look to as a back-up plan once they are done with active-duty? Thank you for any advice and answers!

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    West Point is one of the best schools in the world.

    You can go along ways with a West Point Education.'

    Take a look at the West Point line-up:

    I know there are at least two former US Presidents.

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