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Tailoring guy wont let me train on WoW?

ok, so i wanted to train in tailoring for sooo long and i finally found the tailoring trainer... im level 8 and im a mage nightelf, it says you need cloth from a humanoid and i have linen cloth from a humanoid and it still wont let me train... its so stupid... please help

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    Wait, you bundled two different things in your question.

    1) Training only has toon level + profession level as its criteria to train the next craft.

    2) Needing cloth is a material for a particular craft within the profession.

    You don't need materials to learn the next crafted item in Tailoring. You just need the required skill level and toon level.

    If you're trying to craft something, then make sure you have the right amount of needed materials for it. If you're trying to learn a new craft from a trainer, make sure you are the right level.

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