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It's a really hot day and you're bathing your horse...?

...what would you wear? I mean, heat index is 110F, you're sweating through a t-shirt in the shade, and the horse *needs* a bath. Do you slip on a bikini and drag him to the lake instead, or suffer through it in a polo and breeches? (The bikini also applies if you're a dude.)

Don't take this question seriously. I just ate a whole box of cheese sticks and I feel like I could die, and before I did I just had to know how the HS prefers to wash their horses.

I'm also supposed to tell you about this forum, because I'm a member there and I'll be doing contests over the coming months, and it would be nice to have more members to participate in them. I'm going to be giving away things like fly spray, grooming kits, stable supplies, treats, and tons of other stuff. If you like free things, you might consider joining. It's like the Horse Section but with more purple.


The silliest answer gets BA.

Update 2:

UGH you guys make it so hard to choose BAs. :(

Used to I couldn't go outside for five minutes without burning, literally five minutes because I had timed myself. Since I've gotten my two hooligans I've spent ungodly hours in the sun and it's at least helped my skin, my arms are quite tan after years and years and years of being chalk white, haha. My mom has this picture of me when I was about five, I was so red I looked like an apple, and it covered my whole body. When I was in secondary school, kids would make fun of me and call me a vampire. It was sad days, because I don't like vampires. I still have this weird response to sunlight, though thankfully I don't burn as easily, but I get incredibly nauseous and a headache that won't go away for days if I'm outside in full sun for more than thirty minutes without sunglasses.

@Bubbles: At least you didn't die! That's a good thing. But those mattresses can be really vengeful. Once upon a time I wo

Update 3:

would take it upon myself to rearrange my bedroom, how on earth I ever managed to do it several times a year without being found days later under a futon is beyond me.

Are you sure you're not Irish?

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    I just moved a mattress and tried to move the base of my bed and nearly did die - new bed is supposed to be delivered today between 7am and 1pm (UK time) so I had to get up early on one of my days off. Not a happy bunny.

    Give yourself a squirt with the hose - polo short will hold the water which will evaporate to leave you cool and you don't get sunburn. Result!

    Seriously with the sunburn though - I burn everywhere apart from my forearms and my legs (legs are never on show so don't get a chance to burn!) And I burn within minutes - I can even feel myself burning when I have suncream on (factor 30), which really defeats the purpose...

    Crack out the Pimms too


    Not Irish, no. Mainly Welsh ancestry with Polish, Russian and German - might be Irish in there somewhere, who knows :P

    You know it's summer in the UK when people start talking about Pimms and going down the pub for the afternoon ;)

    Unfortunately I have no money at the minute so no alcohol for me for a while :( I did drink a bit last weekend round a friend's so I don't know why I'm complaining as I don't drink much or very often :L

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    Rinse him down after each and every experience that he gets somewhat sweaty. If he only has some saddle marks brush him off yet whilst he's soaked pass forward and rinse him each and every time. provide him an entire tub with shampoo each and every 2 weeks to a month. that's what occurs to all the horses at my solid and their pores and skin is great. as that's heading into fall he probably won't would desire to be rinsed down relatively as often quickly.

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    I'm afraid if I wore a bikini, my horse would spook and take off for a beach somewhere that had normal, tanned people. But the trainer at my barn probably wouldn't blink twice...

    I typically ride in jeans and a t-shirt (maybe a tank top on a hot day) since I always ride western, but I hate bathing horses in it...jeans always get heavy and uncomfortable when they're wet. And we all know you can't bathe a horse without taking a bath yourself! If I can, I'd rather wear shorts than jeans, but I hate riding in shorts so I'm usually not wearing them at the barn.

  • Driver
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    I'm pretty sure I have never given my horse a bath in breeches and a polo. I've also never done it in a bikini. Usually it's shorts, a t-shirt or tank top, and some shoes or boots I don't mind getting wet.

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    I have to pick just one? D: How about I go to the lake first, then come back and bathe him too? Heaven forbid Benz gets clean at the lake. -_- More likely than he would manage to find mud somewhere, some how.

    I'm already a member there... What more could you possibly want? :D

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    When were hacking in the Indoor Arena: I turn on the sprinkler and chase the water around! My horse loves it and it's fun!

    When I give her a bath: You can't reach those tough spot up high on you horses back, so climb aboard! I get on my horses back, soap and all! It's funny how well you can clean the horse!

    If were in the yard: We like playing in the water. I splash her, she splashes me!

  • Anonymous
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    LOL... When I bath my Horses, and its REALLY hot I just wear small top and short type things, then wear bikini in the actual water! LOL :) :)

  • ♣ALT
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    Wait, you're supposed to wear clothes while bathing your horse?!? I figure since he is getting a bath, I should just go ahead and give myself one too. That way, I always kill two birds with one stone.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    short shorts, bikini top, socks, and shoes - because we all know how sexy that sock tan line looks ;)

    unfortunately my horse says no to lakes, puddles, and any other bodies of water, so i would probably end up in the lake and her looking in laughing at me...

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    I'd wear a bikini with flippers and floaties, then go to the lake and SWIM!

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