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Teens do you ever wonder what happens when you pass away?

Well most of you already know my grandmom passed away this morning. And well I just been wondering what's it like when you leave earth

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    Yes, very much lately. A friend of mine passed away (only fifteen and a week before his birthday; he even got to play Romeo in a play we were in) very recently. I AM a Christian, so I DO believe in Heaven, but I'm *super* close to just saying that I'm Agnostic because I asked some questions about Heaven of people who supposedly know and understand the bible perfectly, and they tried to make it seem like they knew a lot, but everything they told me wasn't very specific. If I can't get specifics on what's going on after death, which is where God comes in the most, how am I supposed to believe? I'm not into blindly following.

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    Yes, I wonder that often. It usually gives me a headache to think about the universe though...I'm not sure what happens. No one is. I choose to believe in reincarnation, though. Or at least that when our bodies expire, our souls move on to a new form. Something along those lines.

    I'm sorry about your grandmother. I hope everyone at your home is holding up okay.

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    Aw I didn't know!! :( Sorry for your loss. And I do wonder that. But lately, I'm kinda thinking how could god send people to hell, because 1. Lots of people are nice but not Christian so I don't think they deserve to go to hell, and 2. There are lots of countries where they're never heard of Jesus and God and the bible. So, I'm not sure what happens. I wonder if maybe when we die it's just like sleeping. But you stay like that forever. I really don't know what happens.

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    4 possibilities:

    You are dead, all consciousness ceases to exist.

    You go to some kind of afterlife.

    You remain on the Earth as a ghost.


    Because of my religious beliefs, I believe in number 2, but I respect other peoples beliefs and I keep an open mind.

  • Not sure, I guess you can see others but you cannot interact. And I guess there is a heaven, where I can meet my deceased role model-musicians. I think she's waiting for you, Staten. I'm sorry. :(

    But I also wonder..I guess it's like a sleep you never awake from.

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    7 years ago

    Read the book heaven is real or go on YouTube and wath videos about people dying and common back to life it's really cool what they say about heaven!

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    Aww staten I didn't know! I'm sorry!! :( Le hug!!

    To answer your question- Yes, I have wondered about it quite a bit.

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    Awh, I'm sorry./: I do all the time. Sometimes it really creeps me out:p. I start thinking too deeply about it:p, haha:)

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    I feel like My nan was recarned into me as my parents all say how I'm so like her

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