What is the best power for DPS in DCUO?

Also, what is the best for tanking? Can someone link me too a build for the best DPS and tank build(s)?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Just going to say this straight-forward since you already sounds experience:

    Best DPS in defeating PvE enemies would be Fire

    Best in Tanking enemies in PvE, Ice (or Earth)

    Now in the PvP a Fire tank would pretty much be the last teammate to get KO'd

    I have a Fire & a Earth tank and both have reached my expectations of reaching 100 SPs. I usually play with my Fire tank alot because he's the first one I created and I also do a lot of PvPing, and believe me Fire tanks can easily defeat Ice and Earth tanks and plus I'm always the last dude left in FoS 8v8 arenas. lol

    As for a DPS in PvPing, I would have to say either the Nature or the Lightning because their powers have no cast time to be interrupted unlike Fire lol

    Hope this helps :)

    Source(s): My experience
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    Dcuo Best Power For Dps

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