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Saran wrap over tattoo for 5 days?

I just had a tattoo finished up at about midnight. It's now about 5:00PM the day after. He wrapped it with saran wrap and I have since replaced it twice. I was curious as to whether or not it was healthy to leave saran wrap over a tattoo for this length of time. I wouldn't have questioned it if my artist hadn't told me to re-apply saran wrap 3-4 times a day for 5 days, not applying A&D until after the first two days.


Even if there's debate about whether saran wrap is good or not, I've never heard of anyone who uses it re-applying saran wrap for 5 days. My artist said that it would heal it faster, keeping the tattoo moist on its own, keeping it fresh and from scabbing over etc. etc. This is my first tattoo but from what I have read keeping saran wrap on for that long is a no-no. Should I take it off and simply start applying A&D when it's dry?? Even if I'm changing it 3-4 times a day its still getting moist quickly from healing fluids and sweat. I've also been washing it lightly with an antibacterial soap and patting it dry before re-applying fresh saran wrap, but it seems as if some of the color is coming off. Is this normal?


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    Ive got 5 tattoos and ive always been told to uncover them after a few hours, give them a wash with warm soapy water, after a day i apply cream to them like sudocrem or savlon. Im not a tattoo artist but i think keeping it wrapped up cant be to good for it, surely it needs air and stuff? do what u think is best for it, and yes bits of colour do come of the surface but don't worry that's normal.

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    Ive always been told to take the saran wrap off after about an hour or so. Thats what all my friends have been told as well. Yeah it traps the tat but sweat and oil from your skin also gets trapped. I dsay tak eoff the wrap and use the a&d to keep it moist. When it starts feeling dry or itchy just put a little bit of a&d on it and youll be good to go.

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    I got one 8 weeks ago. Ditch the Saran wrap. Dry it and apply lotion 2-3 times a day a day. The saran wrap will keep it too moist and not let it heal which is what you want it to do. the top layer will flake off naturally leaving the color underneath.

    JUST DONT ITCH IT and NO NEOSPORIN! Just lotion and let the skin heal, wash with antibacterial soap

    Source(s): Lots of friends with lots of tattoos.
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    no..cover for 24 hours...then let it breath wash it and use aquafore on it...keep using that for two days then use uncented plain lotion...dont keep it on

    Source(s): i have plenty of tattoos and hang out with a tattoo artist...i know the deal
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