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JOBS in Criminal Justice Field ?

I don't have my driver's licence as of yet but getting it Im so lost and I know about police, parole etc .. anything elese and where I should look. I have a B.A if that matters

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  • Daniel
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    8 years ago
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    If a career in the Criminal Justice Field is what you desire, then there are lot's and lot's of opportunities in the United States:


    Police Department

    Sheriff's Department

    College Campus Police, Patrolman

    County Jail guard

    Port Authority/ Harbor Police (In Coastal cities)

    Transit Police (Trolley/ Subway cops)

    District Attorney Investigator

    City Council Office/Mayor Office, Personal Security Detail

    County Parole Agent

    Fire Department (Fire/Arson/Explosion Investigator)

    Animal Control/Protection District

    Courthouse Bailiff

    Forensic Analyst

    Medical Examiner Investigater

    Bail Bond Agent

    Adult Protective Services


    Highway Patrol

    State Troopers

    Probation Officer

    National Guard MP (Riot control/Martial law)

    DOJ Agent

    Polygraph Examiner

    State University, Campus Police

    Corrections Officer

    State Inspector General

    Clinical Psychologist

    Governor's Office, Protective Services

    Assembly and State Senate Police


    Fish and Game Warden

    FBI Agent

    DEA Agent

    ATF Agent

    Deputy US Marshall

    Office of the Inspector General

    Homeland Security

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Border Patrol)

    Secret Service Agent

    Military Police (Army, Marine Corps), Security Forces (Air Force) and Master at Arms (Navy)

    Veteran Affairs Police

    CIA Security Protective Services

    Bureau of Prisons

    TSA Agent (includes Air Marshall)

    Federal Reserve Bank Police

    US Postal Police

    Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation

    NASA Security Services

    IRS Criminal Investigation Division (ISR-CI)

    US Diplomatic Security Service (Body Guard)

    Bureau of Indian Affairs Police

    Tennessee Valley Authority Police

    Coast Guard (Maritime law enforcement)

    Department of Energy, Office of Secure Transportation

    National Institutes of Health Police

    Food and Drug Administration-Office of Criminal Investigations

    Office of Professional Responsibility (Internal Affairs)

    Amtrak Police

    Environmental Protection Agency, Criminal Investigation Division

    Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Special Agent

    DIA Police

    United States Army Corrections Command, Internment/Resettlement Specialist (Detainee Ops)

    Washington D.C.:

    All of the Federal law enforcement careers listed above

    United States Pentagon Police

    Library of Congress, Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness (LOC)

    Capitol Police

    Metro Police Department

    Sergeant at Arms, House of Representatives and Senate

    Supreme Court Police

    Secret Service Uniformed Division

    US Mint Police

    Smithsonian Institute, Office of Protective Services

    US Government Printing Office Police

    National Security Agency Police

    Department of Commerce, Office of Security

    Department of Defense Police

    FBI, Uniformed Police Division

    All in all, there are TONS of options available in the criminal justice field available at every level. This is not a complete list either, it's just what I could fit and what was in the top of my head. There's even some career options at the universal level too if you'd consider NATO, international courts, Scotland Yard in England, ect. Yes your bachelors degree will help you depending on what it is in. I think what you should focus on first though is getting that driver's license, required by most of these agencies. It's a requirement to to become an MP in the Army (Military Police). That's the route I'm following, and there are more opportunities in the Military Police Corps than people would think. After working the road a couple of years at an Army post, I have the chance to go CID (Criminal Investigation Division), MPI (Military Police Investigator), SRT (Special Reaction Team, AKA...SWAT), K9 handler (drug dog), PSD (Personal Security Detail), Traffic Management School and so much more!! And we also get those regular Army schools too as well such as Airborne School, Air Assault School, Ranger School, Sniper School, Combatives, ect. Plus all these schools and military training, along with a well rounded baccalaureate degree will prepare you for a job in any local, state or federal law enforcement agancy. The life of an LEO is rigorous and demanding, I hope you have what it takes!

    If you have any additional questions, would like some advice or just a couple of links to helpful websites, feel free to email me in a professional manner!

    Source(s): Military Police (31B), United States Army, 49th MP Brigade, 670th MP Company Associate of Arts in Communication, working on Bachelor's degree in Sociology with minor in English
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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database :
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • Mirza
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    4 years ago

    Corrections Officers

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  • 4 years ago

    Criminal Records Search Database :

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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