Guild Wars 2 — Pre-purchase deadline?

I'm planning on buying Guild Wars 2 sometime mid-August, and I'd like to know: If I do buy it mid-August, will I have the privilege of having the 3 day headstart? Is there a specific date before the release that will not allow me to pre-purchase?

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  • 7 years ago
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    First off, thank you for the info on the pre-purchase offer.

    Pre-purchase promotions will last to the day of release, after the release then it is no longer considered a "pre-purchase"

    As far as the 3 day head start can be taken in 2 ways. Either this promotion will end the day of the 3 day head start (which would be unfair to those who still pre-purchased but within 1-3 days prior). Or it will say until the actual release date. Allowing anyone who pre-purchases the game at any point prior to release date, to partake in the head start even if they only have an hour or 2 left before release.

    No actual cut-off point has been announced so everything is just speculation from here.

  • Dawn
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    7 years ago

    If you are purchasing mid-August, you should be fine. The 3 day headstart begins on the 25th. You will want to have it done by the 22nd or 23rd I'd say, due solely to the size of the download. The sooner your purchase, the less chance you have of cutting into your gaming time with downloads or other issues.

  • ?
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    3 years ago

    You have got it backwards. The preorder is what gives the in the future headstart, at the same time the prepurchase offers you the 3 day headstart. To the satisfactory of my competencies, when you fully purchase the sport, that you would be able to nonetheless participate within the headstart. I might most likely do it quicker instead than later, as the sport is enormous and will take some time to download.

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