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What is a good pokemon team ivs evs ect?

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    This is a very, VERY general question. There are so many good teams out there you can't count em', and I would give you mine... but... no. :) So here is an older one of mine that I no longer use.

    Lead Pokemon-- Tyranitar @ Chesto Berry

    Adamant | 252HP/32Atk/224SpD

    Stone Edge



    Stealth Rock

    Tyranitar is mostly meant to deal with Azelf and break down other walls to help support the rest of my team. The HP and SpD EVs are for bulk, while the Atk EVs are meant to help KO opposing leads and others.

    Scizor @ Life Orb


    Adamant | 252Atk/252Spe/4HP

    Swords Dance

    Bullet Punch

    Brick Break


    Scizor is meant to be a late-game sweeper of sorts (after other threats are knocked out). The EVs are to make Scizor as strong and speedy as possible, while Roost is for LO recovery (not to mention I just prefer to go with bulk).

    Infernape @ Leftovers

    Naive | 192Spe/160 Atk/156 SpA

    Close Combat

    Fire Punch (You can use flare blitz if you prefer it)

    Swords Dance

    Mach Punch

    Another sweeper. This one is meant to counter teams revolving around Blissey or Snorlax. Flamethrower and Close Combat are STAB, HP Ice is for coverage, U-Turn is mostly because I like the idea of attacking and turning back. EVs are as close to equal as I can get for Atk and SpA, and 192 Spe to outspeed a good portion of the metagame.

    Starmie @ Leftovers

    Natural Cure

    Timid | 216Spe/126HP/156Def

    Rapid Spin




    The rapid spinner. Meant to get rid of those oh-so-annoying entry hazards for Scizor. The EVs are for speed and bulk, two things that are pretty necessary on this set.

    Breloom @ Toxic Orb

    Poison Heal

    Adamant | 212Spe/252Atk/40HP


    Focus Punch


    Seed Bomb

    This is everyone's favorite SporePuncher. An offensive supporter, Breloom not only puts to sleep and knocks out other foes while hiding behind substitutes, but also plays a big role in eliminating bulky waters (like poor sad low-Defense Vaporeon) for the other sweepers. EVs - max attack; enough speed to outspeed no-speed Gliscor, Suicine, sub-Petaya Empoleon, 4 Speed Vaporeon, and others; and HP for bulk.

    And lastly-- Clefable @ Leftovers

    Magic Guard

    Calm | 252HP/214Def/44SpD



    Seismic Toss


    Supporter and staller. Chosen over Blissey for its access to Wish (I lack a WishBliss), better Defense and (due to the other factors as well as Magic Guard) superior ability to stall. I see this Pokemon as something that might end up as my last Pokemon, and I want it to be able to function against as many Pokemon as possible (of course, I'm screwed against Gengar here...) Toxic, Protect, Leftovers and Wish work well with each other. Wish can also heal my other teammates when they need it. Seismic Toss is just... Seismic Toss. EVs are for bulk, naturally. I chose to give more to Defense because I'd rather even things out than focus on just Special Defense for this particular Pokemon.

    Good luck bro! ^^

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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    Thyplosion: sunny day, eruption, solarbeam, center of attention blast Metagross: Meteor mash, earthquake, zen headbutt, hammer arm Blastoise:Hydro pump, ice beam, flash cannon, Muddy water hope it helps:)

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