a little princess20個單字

誰能說出a little princess的20個單字

不要太簡單的 拜託><

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    Sara Crewe is a very intelligent, polite, and creative young girl. Born to a wealthy soldier stationed in India, Captain Crewe, Sara was sent all the way from India (her birthplace) to London for a formal education. Sara soon meets the headmistress of the school Miss Minchin, who dislikes Sara from the start, but tries to flatter her because of her father's money. Sara spends some days with her father, and goes around town to buy clothes. She desperately searches for a doll that suits her. She finally finds one and names her "Emily". Sara's father leaves Sara and goes back to India. She is hated by Lavinia, who is jealous of her and was the former "princess" in the school, prior to Sara's arrival.

    On Sara's eleventh birthday, she receives a doll from her papa, naming it as "Last doll" as she will soon be too grown up for dolls. While Sara's birthday party is taking place, Miss Minchin receives a visit from Captain Crewe's lawyer, informing her that his client has died penniless. The party is stopped, and Sara is told that from now on she will have to work for her keep in the school. She is sent to live in the attic, and is often hungry and ill treated.

    Meanwhile, an ill man from India, Tom Carrisford, has arrived in the house next to the school, in search of his friend's daughter, hoping to find her in Paris or Russia. The story takes a turn as the friend of Mr. Carrisford was Captain Crewe and he is currently searching for his daughter, Sara. He does not guess that she is there in the next building. One day, his assistant, Ram Dass, happens to see Sara after his monkey goes into her room. He climbs the roof to retrieve the monkey, and sees the condition of Sara's room. He tells Mr. Carrisford about it and they make Sara's life better by presenting gifts and surprises. Sara, who is very thankful to the "mysterious friend", cannot figure out who the "friend" is.

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