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Older mare with swayback?

Man dropped her and a gelding off a couple years ago. Both ranching horses. The mare has swayback (she's older) and I was wondering if she was rideable? I'm not sure how long she's had it. Since she's been here I guess. She just warned up to us. After looking online I would think this is kind of a serious case... She doesn't show any signs of pain. She just seems happy as is.

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    Usually horses with swayed back dont really feel it. It shouldnt affect her abilties to much as long as you get her the exact fit of saddle pad and saddle. My friend hs a saddlebred with HORRIBLE swayed back. Apparently she was born like that. But I asked her owner this same question not to long ago and she told me this.. I hoped I helped(: goodluck!

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    Shouldn't affect her too much.

    Use extra padding under saddle.

    Do belly crunches with her to strengthen her abdominal muscles and lessen her swayback

    A belly crunch is putting your fingers directly underneath and behind the girth area and pushing up semi-firmly. click or kiss to the horse and you should see her barrel lift slightly. If you do about 10-15 of these in one sequence, you should see a very slight difference over a few days.

    Be aware that this makes some horses uncomfortable, so have someone handling the horse.

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    Try poll exercises. As in exercising the horse over ground polls or lifted ground polls on the lunge line. Also there is a trick that I use on my horses that keeps them from getting swayback. I look crazy at shows doing it, and people often ask 'What are you doing?', but it really works. All you do is stand behind them (if you can), and take the tips of your fingers or even the cap of a sharpie and run it from the hip bone down until the lift their back.

    Another thing is lifting their stomach with your hands. I know it sounds weird, but all you do is just that! Put your hands underneath their stomach and act like you're picking them up!

    There is also methods of slighty pulling on their tail, straight back, helping to straighten out the back.

    I hope these exercises work. It works very well with my older jumpers!

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    If her swayed back doesn't hurt her at all when you are riding her she should be fine.

    Make sure you have a good saddle that fits her though. It can be very hard to get a saddle that will fit a horse with a swayed back.

    Considering she is a older horse I wouldn't recommend working her too hard.

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    If she seems fine, a little bit of light work will do her good.

    If she's in pain when you're on her, she'll certainly let you know!

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