what do americans think of AIPAC?

what do americans think of the lobby group known as AIPAC?

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    8 years ago
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    Hi Leveret,..Well since you asked, I dispise AIPAC, & I am disgusted that, they are not forced to register as an "Agent of a Foreign Power" as the law requires,..'

    I dispise Abe Foxman, the Dirctor of AIPAC

    I hate the fact that people are allowed to be dual citizens, & hold both American & Israeli citizenship. & I especially hate the fact that these dual American/Israrlis, hold so many positions of power in the US government. As per Rohm Emanuel, an Israeli Army officer, duel Israeli citizen, being chosen as Obama's chief of staff,..& virtually ALL of the "Neo Cons" in the Bush Administration,..being duel Israeli citzens,..Can you say,.. "Conflict of interest,.?"

    I hate the fact, that the first thing ones needs to do, when running for high office in America, is to be photographed in front of an Israeli flag.

    I hate the fact that the second thing that a candidate, for office needs to do, is go to Israel, & be photographed, bobbing their head, at the Wailing Wall, while, wearing one of those little Jew hats.

    I hate the fact, that every CHRISTMAS season A 40 foot tall JEWISH MENORAH, is placed on the White House lawn, While all other religious synbals are banned,..

    I hate the fact, that about 60% of money, contributed to political champaigns, come from Jewish sources, Hence, Jewish control of the political process,.

    I hate the fact, that Jews will participate in politics, but then, as soon as anybody opposes them politically, They hide behind being a persecuted religiouse minority, & scream,.."Aniti Semitizm",.

    I hate the fact, that virtually ALL news outlets, All movie, & TV entertainment, & The music industry, industry are controlled by Zionist Jews. As is education, & publishing,..''

    I hate the fact that, of the nine Supreme Court Judges, that three are Jews,..

    I hate the fact that Americans are taxed, in order to send BILLIONS of dollars to Israel every year.

    I hate the fact, that Israel has been allowed to get away with not less than three "False Flagg" attacks on America,.. Those False flagg attacts being,..

    '(1) the Lavon Affair in the 50s, where Isrealis were CAUGHT, attempting to blow up American, & British interests in Egypt, in order to blame it on the Egyptians. '

    (2) The Deliberate attack on the USS Liberty, an American, ship, in June, of 1967, again, in hopes of blaming Egypt.

    (3) The Israeli Mossod, part in the 911 events in N.Y. City in 2001. in order to blame Israeli's enemies, in the middle east.

    So, since it is AIPAC's job to provide political cover for Israel, here in America, I Dispise AIPAC, & ALL American government officials who grovel at the feet of AIPAC,..

    'nuff said,...Tecopa Jack

    Source(s): Common knowledge,..History & the Daily news,..
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    8 years ago

    Gee, I guess I gotta look up what it stands for, JACKASS

    OK, here:


    I'm OK with them standing up for their interests.

    I bet YOU are NOT ok with them, but you see nothing wrong with Obama giving Billions to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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