Playstation 1 game please help me find it?

There was a game that I used to play on the playstation one that I am having difficulty finding anywhere on the internet. Please forgive me for the lack of information I have on it but when I had played it I was only 10-12 and now I'm 20 so some things are fuzzy.

Key parts that I remember:

You play as a zombie that has the ability to detach his head and roam around freely with it.

It was on a playstation demo disk "i know its not that helpful but thats how i had find out to begin with"

and lastly at one point you end up putting your head on a giant teddy bear and boxing with it.

again i know its not much to go by but anyone who is able to possibly figure out and tell me what game it is would get all of my thanks because its just been driving me crazy for the last week or so lol.


For everyone who had reads this place note that Flugruger has posted the game that I'm looking for thank you for taking the time to look at the question.

Update 2:

Sorry made a typo it was Josh had both names in head lol that is all :D

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