How do you stop ads not by this site?

it's been on youtube, sometimes facebook, and even yahoo. I'm using Google Chrome and I have like 7 ad blocker extensions (AdBlock, AdBlock Chrmium, AdBlock Plus, AdSweep, KB SSL Enforcer, Keep My Opt-Outs, Youtube Ads Block) But I still get ads not by this site but instead of ads its just big empty spaces. Is there anything I can do?


I've read that the cause is an extension called I want this, but I do not have that extension. In fact, the current list of extensions are: Adblock Plus, No History, Norton Identity Protection, Skype Click to Call, Timeline Remover (For Facebook) and XKit 6.0. If it's any of those I'm more than willing to remove them.

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  • Jake
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    8 years ago
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    This is a relatively mild browser Adware (malware) that was probably installed by you as an add-on video codec for some unusual streaming video player, described as working as browser DOM code injectors. It's a lot easier to eliminate than Adware viruses that infect your system at a lower level and don't have the courtesy to announce themselves with: "Ads not by this site", users have reported getting it after installing:

    Codec-C extension


    Codec M ( mentions connection to

    Vid-Saver Chrome and IE add-on

    Chrome extension "I want this"

    You may be able to disable them with your normal extension manager.

    MalwareBytes, "adblock plus" have been recommended

    Wikipedia advice for removing "I want this" extension that puts ads on their site

    Some of these may stay on the right side of the law by having a disclaimer buried somewhere in their terms and conditions you agreed to before installing it, stating that you authorize the code to be added on.

    There's a class of voluntary adware that displays ads in popup windows that are added with the installation of certain toolbars or game engines, one of the best known is installed by GameVance, which sells ads through their CPV "Contextual ad" ad service TrafficVance.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I'm kind of confused as to what you mean, but if you're wondering how you can make ads go away, you can't really. YouTube has ads on videos (usually videos from Vevo, but others too). There's no way to make them go away unless it has a skip button. And if ads say "ad not from this site", it might mean that, when clicked, it'll lead you to another site other than the one you're on.

  • 6 years ago

    Change your account, which is what I am going to do if they

    don't stop. I pay enough without this!!

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