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Convince My Mom To Let Me Get A Gun?

My Dad doesn`t hunt as much as he used to, but he still has all his guns and lets me use them sometime when my mom`s not home, but she`s against hunting and guns and everything and doesn`t think I should be able to have a gun and go hunting. "Accidents happen and you might get hurt or hurt someone else" She says something along that effect. My dad says he`ll buy me a gun and he`s been saying that for a couple years now. I`m 15, and would love to go hunting with him, or at least target practice, but that hasn`t happened. How can I convince my mom to let me get a gun and get my dad to get me one?


No, my parents are married.

Update 2:

No, my parents are married.

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No, my parents are married.

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    Why not have you, and your parents take an NRA rifle class. That way, she can see how responsible you are with one know you know what you are doing.

    Here is a link for searching for a class near you.

    Just mark the class/es you are interested in and your zip code and the distance you are willing to travel. Then just look over your options and talk them over with your Dad.

    Good Luck

    FYI-It doesn't HAVE to be NRA, but I know what they teach, the material is great and I have yet to run into a bad instructor.

    Source(s): NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer.
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    Personally i would just go hunting with your dad, even if your mom doesn't like it. The reason for that is because you are spending time with your dad and you will have a base and witness for your argument. He can teach you all of the basics for safely handling firearms in a controlled environment. Even if you cant go to the lease going to the gun range is a significant step forward in the direction you want to go. I understand that your mom really looks out for your safety, ans any parent should. But it sounds to me like she has some pre-conceived notions about guns being dangerous. It is not the guns that are dangerous it is the people using them. Having your dad in your corner will be a big boost to your argument because he has seen you and instructed you in the safe handling of a firearm.

    Also as some of the other people who have answered have said, an NRA meeting or two will not hurt your chances either.

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    Are your parents Divorced and not living together?

    I can sympathize as I grew up in a house where guns were accepted and I've shot guns since I was 10 and owned guns since I was about 14 I guess. But as a parent I can also side with another parent's rules. If you mother doesn't like guns then you have to accept that unless you can either show her you're responsible enough to own one. It's her home so you need to abide by her rules. (sometimes if you respect a parents rules and are a good young person you can build trust that way as well....just a little hint that may help your cause)

    You could also work hard in school, go to college, get a good job, buy your own house and then buy all the guns you want :-)

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    Have your dad take you to some firearms safety classes, before even asking for your mom to let you have guns.

    Some states even offer that stuff for little or no cost. New Jersey does (it's the only gun friendly thing they do).

    If you can convince your mom you wil be safe with it, she's more likely to let you have it.

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    You picked a bad time to go on this quest. Particularly at your age.

    I'd first start with getting your dad to take you to a target range and demonstrate that you can safely use guns. Then, when you're about 18, and you have several years of shooting experience, you might have better luck getting a gun of your own.

  • Tell her that with the 80,000,000 legal gun owners and over 270,000,000 guns in the USA only 1,500 people die each year from firearm accidents,if you're careful with guns you're a million times more likely to die on the way to the gun store.

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    That's a tough problem, kid. Your dad will stand a better chance of convincing your mom than you will. What you have to do is keep working on your dad until he is willing to overrule your mom. Keep telling him how great it would be for you two to have this great experience together and if he does not teach you while he has the chance then you will have missed out on that relationship with him when you are older.

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    The thing that needs relayed is safety. That you'll be safe. They'll be safe. & that it won't go into the wrong hands ever. Also that you do know how to use it and clean it and be mature with it. Also relay the positives of having one. Also relay the negatives of it but give a reason that the positives outweigh the negatives.

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    Work your *** off untill you have enough money and maturity to buy yourself a gun. I waited until i was 22 and a half to buy my first pistol. Why? Because i knew i was stupid and irresponsible to buy it at such a yound age. Wait until you know for a fact you are mature enough to buy yourself and care for your firearm.

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