Why do i feel like fainting in the morning??? Please answer!!!!?

I stay in bed for a while and then get up and walk across to my mirror to tie my hair up. Every single day, my vision tunnels and i feel so tired, i sway on the spot and hearing becomes muffled. Once i actually fell down, but i always mange to jerk myself back to consiousness. Why does this happen??? Is it low blood sugar or something else??? It isn't head rush because i am fine when i get out of bed it starts to happen after i walked out of or across my room.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Judging by your user name, I'm going to go ahead and say it's low blood sugar. The symptoms match. Eat a decent dinner, and this won't happen to you in the morning.

  • atleh
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    4 years ago

    connect the club. existence comes with complications. some have more beneficial than others. finally it evens out and anybody receives thier turn to sense crappy. that's a attempt to make certain in case you may manage it. shop in concepts god merely provides us stuff that he's wide-spread with of we are able to manage. i comprehend your existence is twisted up at this second. yet its merely a second or perhaps as it passes you'd be happy that you stuck it out. the straightforward answer to why do you awaken in the morning, nicely because you may. there are some who cant, there are some who wont and there are some thing those who do. sorry that there is not any enormous medical logical answer, that is why in a nutshell. now the following is my question to you. why ought to you want to die? and why cant you merely stay and tutor your self that your are worth respiratory and living like anybody else. believe me, I actually have alot of complications, alot yet i'd be dammed to allow them get me down. i'm wanting to remedy anybody of my complications. till the subsequent batch comes round and that i will remedy them again yet this time i'd be more beneficial and wiser and speedier to remedy them. i am going to assert it again. you're important and the following in this earth because you've been meant to be the following. Please my misplaced chum locate your way, regardless of if its via my letter locate the flexibility to awaken each and every morning and look on the solar, listen the birds and comprehend that you count number. also, your spouse and youngsters isn't an similar again in case you end it. its no longer honest to each and each and every of the those who love you. the soreness you'll reason is unexplainable. they dont deserve that. believe me it so does get extra sensible. Please bypass and talk with someone. possibly you want someone to launch your complications and hard cases you're having on an finished time foundation. its good to have a favorable individual to talk with. be sturdy and by no potential lose desire. you'd be in my prayers.

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