Chick-Fil-A and homosexuality?

I always see groups on Facebook, such as Wipe Out Homophobia, that always complain about how Christians (by the way, Christianity isn't the only religion that disagrees with homosexuality- I wish people would realize that by now) force their beliefs onto other people.

Then I see this:

Guess what gay people? You're pushing your views on other people, and that's exactly what you always complain about with Christians.

I don't get it. If less than 50% of the American population even supports gay rights, why is homosexuality acceptance being forced on the 50% that doesn't agree with it?


Vegeta, how could you possibly be a true Christian and say that? It's not up to me, but you might need to check and make sure that you even have a relationship with God if you truly believe that.You should at least read Genesis 2:21-25. I normally don't throw Bible verses at people, but since you're insisting that you're a Christian.. at least read the book of the religion you claim to be.

Update 2:

Jessie, Vegeta and you clearly don't understand Christianity. Homosexuality is a sin and is equal with every other sin, but that's not the point at all. People exaggerate homosexuality and make it seem like it's okay, and that's when it becomes wrong; homosexuality IS a sin. You said so yourself. Also, you never said how I was lying. You just insulted me multiple times, which is not the way to have a mature argument.

It's not bad when you want people to be happy, Vegetta, but when you claim to be a Christian and the support homosexuality in the name of Christianity, that's wrong. Christianity does not support homosexuality.

Update 3:

Gay marriage and gay rights correspond very closely, Hermes. People who claim that homosexuality is not a sin under the name of Christianity and Christianity supporting gay rights are two entirely separate things. That's just like Westboro Baptist Church doing things under the name of Christianity when it clearly does not coincide with true Christianity (I do not support them at all).

Update 4:

Yes, a true Christian.

Update 5:

True Christianity is Christianity with doctrine wrapped around the Bible. You may not like it, "Bud", but sticking yourself to a label, such as Christianity, and then professing things in the name of Christianity that clearly go against the Bible (which, again, is the basis for all Christianity), is not true Christianity. I speak for people that are Bible-believing Christians.

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  • Hermes
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    8 years ago
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    Firstly, you are incorrectly using even the link you gave. You said "less than 50% of the American population even supports gay rights, why is..." You then linked to a study showing that 52$ of the American population supported GAY MARRIAGE.

    a. Gay marriage is NOT gay rights, they are not coequal or the same.

    b. 52% indicates that more than 50% of Americans support gay marriage, not less than, even if the two things were the same.

    c. The support for either civil unions with the rights of marriage OR SSM jumps to 62% while only 36% support "No partnerships at all" according to a major CBS poll - which itself was a tracking poll.

    d. The tracking poll overall shows that support for both some form of legally recognized relationship equivalent of marriage AND SSM has been steadily increasing for many years.

    Support on various gay issues among the young are as follows (under 30 - from Pew):

    Support Oppose

    equal protection in housing

    86% 10%

    equal protection in employment

    85% 14%

    protection from hate crimes

    85% 13%

    ability to legally marry

    56% 39%

    ability to adopt children

    53% 39%

    With support steadily increasing the younger you go.

    Now, on the issue of Rights themselves, things like equal housing, protection under the law, etc.etc Across the board more than 60% of Americans support them - in all age demographics except the oldest.

    So from first to last your post is misleading and in places lies. More than 50% of people in America appear to support gay people on all the questions of equality -- EVEN marriage. So that argument is bogus.

    You lie in other ways too -- not all Christians are against homosexuals, for example. The Episcopal Church, USA just approved a same sex ritual that can be used for gay marriage, and the UCC has supported gay marriage for decades. Many other churches as well. As for other religions, the two largest divisions of Judaism (Reform and Conservative) both support full equal and marriage rights for gays. So do most Buddhist groups, NASC, and every Wiccan group (the fastest growing actual religion in the country) that I know of, including COG (covenant of the goddess) and the Correllian Nativist Church International (sic).



    PS A TRUE Christian? Oh come on. Christian means Christ follower, not biblio-idolator. If she believes in Jesus Christ she is Christian, just as much as any other person who professes him; the Bible is just a book, and the only story in it that needs to worry a person professing Christ is the one about Him.

    At least now we know where you are coming from, so let me note, among those under 25, even among evangelical youth, equality for homosexuality holds majority support - despite 30 years of propaganda and thought control.

    PPS You may not like it bud -- but you do not define Christian. The definition is there. Those at Westboro profess Christ; those at the National Cathedral profess Christ. By definition both are Christian. The fact that neither one agrees with you is utterly meaningless, and asserting otherwise will not change it. Argue theology if you want - but then argue theology, don't pretend falsely to have "the truth" when what you really mean is your interpretation of a given religion. You speak for no one but you and MAYBE your congregation.

    PPPS And you immediately attempt to prove my point for me by then stating your definition and insisting its the truth. But, it isn't. The Greek word Χριστιανός (christianos)—meaning "follower of Christ"—comes from Χριστός (christos)—meaning "anointed one" It has the implication of a form of voluntary or involuntary slavery to "the Christ." Believe anything you want, but the false trope that somehow the "real" definition of Christianity is what you want it to be, or I want it to be, or anyone wants it to be is just that, a false trope, unless it is simply the profession of Lord Christ -- and all the attempts to argue from the "appeal to authority" won't change it. After all, that's even the definition that Christ himself gave according to the book you idolize, isn't it? (Matthew 10:32, Luke 12:8, Romans 10:9) For all the other arguments in the book, if you are going to supposedly take it seriously, its kind of hard to misinterpret any of these three wouldn't you say? Notice the COMPLETE lack of any additional requirements beyond belief in Christ? Of course, the book was hundreds of years from being formalized when these words were written.

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  • 8 years ago

    You obviously have no idea how freedom of speech really works.

    Vegeta clearly understands your religion better than you do. She's not lying. Why, if you're so religions, do you insist on lying? Your precious god was pretty down on lying. Look at that Big List Of Things You're Not Supposed To Do. You know the one. it's called the 10 Commandments. Go look at number nine. I'll wait.

    There, see? It says "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour." In other words, don't lie.

    It's strange, though. Nowhere in that list is anything at all to do with being gay. It seems that gay isn't as important to your god as lying is. Who's going to get in trouble first?

    No, you clearly do not understand your own religion. Anyone who tells you that being gay is a sin is a victim of the largest and oldest con job on earth. It is well known that all 6 (6. Count 'em. 6 out of thousands) of the so-called "anti-gay" verses were mistranslated and misinterpreted multiple times over the centuries, either through simple error or from political expedience. Here's how to read them they way they were actually written:

    There, see? Not one word of those is actually "anti-gay". Not. One. Word.

    Think about it. Jesus was supposed to have travelled all over the place, healing the sick, curing the crippled and generally tossing miracles around left and right. Why then, in all that time was he never once shown "curing" a gay person? There he was, hanging around with 12 other dudes, oiling each other up and generally having a fun time and what was he saying? "Love thy neighbour." "By their fruits shall ye know them." "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." and the biggie: "Judge not, lest ye be judged." Not once did he ever say anything about being gay. Not. One. Word.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yeah. Because us gays did that. It obviously wasn't done by a straight politician with a seven year old daughter. Grow up.

    If you're not stoning disrespectful children, or insisting rapists marry their victims, then maybe you shouldn't be telling others what to believe. You obviously don't take the bible at face value so quit being a hypocrite and let a person have their own faith and personal interpretation.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I'm a Christian and I support gay rights

    Marriage is more than the unity between a man and a woman. Marriage is the coming together of two souls. Marriage is supposed to be a spiritual thing, not something revolving around genitalia.

    So me wanting gay people to be happy is a bad thing? Fellow Christians need to stop preaching and start believing. I have my political beliefs. I also love God very much, and I know he loves me, & everyone. People are not perfect, but God is perfect. But how dare you question my faith just because I support Gay Marriage. smh

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  • 8 years ago

    By not giving them my money so they can legally oppress me (donating it to anti-gay political causes like Prop 8 and NOM), I'm forcing myself beliefs on you? Christians are so funny.

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  • 8 years ago

    You know what, all gay people want is to be treated fairly and equally, and you're being an asshole and teling them they can't do something that you can. Who are you to tell LGBT people what they can't do?

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  • 8 years ago

    These folks have no idea of how much they are hurting their own cause.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It is part of the gay agenda to trick normal people into thinking that homosexual behaviour is normal lifestyle in stead of an illness.

    Source(s): Homosexual behaviour is a sickness just like homosexual behaviour and paedophilia are linked
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Because they want the entire country to turn out like sodom and gamora.

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