LinkedIn URL abbreviation for business cards?

I'm creating new business cards for my company. Some of them want their LinkedIn URL on them. Instead of writing out the whole URL is there a way to show this info abbreviated? Suggestions?

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    8 years ago
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    They may want to customize their URL from the initial one that LinkedIn designated for them.

    You can customize it by going into 'Edit Profile' (under the 'Profile' tab on the menu bar above). Then:

    - Click on 'Edit' link to the right of your public profile URL

    - Then click on 'Edit' link at the top, to the right of "Your Public Profile URL:"

    - LinkedIn shows the start of the URL "", you add the extension to this

    - Put the 'extension' of the URL you would like in the rectangle, noting the rules guiding creation of the URL.

    - LinkedIn will verify the new URL follows their rules and either OKs it or bounces it (e.g., no special characters).

    So, for example, you might put in "johndoe"resulting in a URL of: .

    Hope this helps

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    3 years ago

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