How to look like a doll?

Before you start complaining its for halloween lol

I know i shouldn't be worrying this early,but i like to plan things out,and it will give me time to get everything.

So I don't really have a type i want to be,just not barbie,Like,One of those creepy porcelian dolls,like that.

I have short hair,should i get a wig?


Let me just sum it up:

-What should i wear?

-What makeup should i wear?Do u have any tutorials :)?

-How should i do my hair?

I think thats it,if theres anything else,please tell me :) Thank u so much! I WILL pick a best answer :D Also,should i put it in another category? :) thank u!

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  • 8 years ago
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    you dont need to get a wig if you have short hair, how short is it? you can still look like a doll, but is there a type of pic you could show? Since your hair is short I would get a cute headband from urban outfitters, pacsun, american eagle or aeropostale. A floral type headband or feathered, im sure you could get one from clairs too. if your not into headbands try some bobby pins with a statement, a big flower on it or something. Get some heels, or loafs that are a solid color, black, white, silver. since dolls are cute, you want the shoes to be cute, not pointy or huge, probably a heel with some straps on it, def not over 3inches tall. I would wear a knee-high cutesy dress for the outfit, a dress most def instead of a skirt, not a casual dress but a poofy, frilly cute dress, in a soft pastel color, not black or red unless your going for a goth doll. also wear some some stockings with lace at the top or something, not socks but stockings the silky kind, with a cute design. put on foundation for makeup, for blush do a soft pink if your skin is fair or a bolder pink if your skin is tan or darker. For your eyes do a soft shimmer, SHIMMER not GLITTER! a soft shimmer like a coffee brown, petal pink or skin-tone white, not snow white or it will look funny. if your good with black liquid eyeliner I would do a thin (i mean THIN) line over your eyelid, if you are too nervous to use liquid, use a pencil liner but make sure its not gross and smudgy, your going to want large lashes, so buy some fake ones and apply a layer of mascara over the fake lashes after you have put them on and they have dried. also be sure to do mascara on bottom lashes too, get white eyeliner and line the inner of your eyelids with it throughout the night to keep your eyes looking big. also for eyes I would reccomend getting some of these ----> I hear this girl is obsessed with looking like a doll, maybe her pictures can inspire you. after all of that is done fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, and for lips I would do skin-tone lipstick or a shade of pink that isnt too bright. hoper that helps :)

  • 8 years ago

    Well when I think of those dolls I think of super white flawless skin so you should probably buy the lightest foundation they sell and put tons on. Then some perfectly round light pink circles for blush. And clothes probably just something that looks really old and vintage or maybe just a big exagerated dress. And hair probably curls in 2 pony tails with ribbon.

    And its never too early for halloween :) I love halloween and I've already started planning as well.

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