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How can i change my flight on United?

My original flight is scheduled on August 24. I want to change that to August 10. The problem is that I paid with this flight using my miles, or frequent flyer points, or whatever they're called. Another problem is that this flight has an unaccompanied minor fee already paid as well. I don't know how to check if my ticket is refundable. Is there also any way that I could just transfer that money and the miles over to a different date with the same layovers and all? Please help me, im running out of time!!!

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    I would suggest phoning United Airlines personally to a costumer service centre or whatever United airlines have.


    Go to this website: and look at the #1 common topic and follow the steps from there.

    Hope this helps.

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    There are way too may variables here to give a complete answer. So it is best to contact United directly.

    But a couple of things that are probably fairly certain. If you paid for the tickets with miles they are unlikely totally refundable. But they may allow you to put the miles back on the account for an additional fee. However that depends on your exact ticket.

    It is also unlikely that they will just roll over without any fees, if a comparable flight is even available. Because you are looking at a flight in just a little over 2 weeks it is most likely going to be higher than the cost of your current flight.

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    I suggest you call United. When I had to change a flight on Delta using miles, they charged me $150.

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