What are your thoughts.. between these two career occupation for an adult woman. See Below..?

Keep in mind... I may up root at some point in the near future. For me.. personally it is between going back to school for Cosmetology.. OR.. opening a holistic cleaning business for only homes. My goal with this cleaning business.. would be to get others to work for me. 6-8 people, so that I can manage the business, appointments and go on estimates for jobs. I believe I have a good concept. However.. I personally can only handle cleaning one.. or two homes a day, just until I get someone to work for me. I would need to get 120 customers in total to have this succeed. Half that amount would be a great start. I am with this terrible economy and companies paying bare minimum wages... have been in search of a part time job that would fund brochures and door hangers that I found good deals on line for into the thousands to distribute. Just unsure how long this will take to get off the ground. My main concern is finances. I want to make enough coming in. The prices in my area are high. Not cheap in home cleaning services. I have an extensive background in cleaning .

The later.would be Cosmetology which would take me 2 years part time. I am not sure if I would or could break even in this compared to the cleaning business. The cleaning business will make me about 25.00 an hour or close to that. Cosmetology .. you can do a lot on the sides for people.. weddings.. proms etc. You can do bachelorette parties etc. I know.. you can become an independent contractor..BUT.. you have to pay to rent a chair a week or month and its not cheap. In order to work out of your home legitamely.. not on the sneak... you need to get your area you will be working in.. up to code.. with sinks and entrance etc. Seems like there will be more expenses involved there. Also.. I heard some areas .. Cosmetologist can make 50 grand a year. But.. I live for now.. in the Mid West. I may be in the future moving to either NC or WY. Both have resort spas. I could work for Cost Cutters where the volume comes into the door randomly.. But you can easily lose customers for various reason in this field. Cleaning is more steady and reliable it seems.

What do you think and why?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I think the cleaning business has a high starting cost and high risk but not impossible. You have to thin where are you going to find these 6 to 8 people who will agree to work for you on the idea that they may make money people want security and to know that money will definitely be coming in so you may have to start that business solo and bring people in gradually. Also you still have to get a business license idk where you live but in georgia starts at $300 unless you are going to get LLC or incorporate which would be good to protect your assets in case of law suits which may be high when going into peoples homes. I would give it a little more thought. Cosmetology is a good idea you can do hair on the side and make money, it is still a thriving business. You seem to have a good business spirit about you you can save your money up while in cosmetology school to open your own shop it doesnt have to be big. Then you can have people pay you booth rent and the money you make off clients is your own. either way good luck

    Source(s): business degree/current cosmetology student
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