PC to TV using HDMI cable but no sound from TV headphones?

Using HDMI cable to connect laptop to LCD tv. i get both sound and picture on the tv. I have headphones connected to the TV. They get sound when watching digital tv channels but not when watching whats coming from the pc (the speakers on the tv do get sound but this does not seem to go to the headphones connected to audio out)


Headphones work. I get sound when watching regular digital tv but not when watching something coming from the laptop. when watching something from the laptop sound only comes out the tv speakers.

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  • 9 years ago
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    This will be a case of trial and error, first off try plug that hdmi lead into something else like a bluray or ps3 and see if the headphones work or not.

    If not try a different hdmi cable, however I doubt that will be the issue.

    Then if that still doesn't work reffer to the tv manual (you can download them online now) and check its not a setting.

    Failing that I would contact the manufacture of the tv, it may be a technical fault.

  • nora
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    5 years ago

    Almost always considering you haven't change your laptop sound output gadget to the headphones. Try right-clicking on your pc tray (The icon on the backside proper of the screen) and then on Playback instruments - it will have to open up a window. From there just disable the whole lot else except your headphones (also allow it if it isn't). If it would not work or you can't see it, are trying plugging it into your laptop and check out it once more.

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