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Are we all just one big extended family?

Yes...or no, and why? And is that reflected in how you treat your fellow 'relatives'?

Please elaborate.


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  • Vash
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    9 years ago
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    Interesting thought, perhaps truth, but I have a hard time seeing it that way with any clarity.

    If we are all the same then why are we also all so very different. In my opinion it's in the differences that we are most certain and define where we fit. Even if we all were born of the same being it wouldn't mean that we haven't evolved differently from that first being. Even within the smallest of nuclear families someone can find extreme differences amoungst their members that can divide them, or can make them want to wish they were not related. And that is only one generation.

    How I treat my fellow relatives and how I treat people in general all comes down to how I perceive them, hopefully correctly and with optimism, but then they have to work at it to keep my good opinion of them. Sometimes I am more generous about the good that can be found in people and equally sometimes I wish I could distance myself from people with the blink of an eye. So I don't know I am divided at even the thought of giving the word family such an extreme definition.

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    i had the thought that we where all family.. if it is true that there where only 2 people born by god than that would mean that we would all be related in some form of way even if we do not believe so.

    i have been think about this for a while ( im 14)

    lets say we evolved from apes or gorillas ( what ever it was ) it depends on how many there where at the beginning. for there to be us they must have banged a lot and a lot.. we will never truly know if we are related by my think is that we ARE. from the first person to us, it was millennium ago so we would never remember

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I cannot say that we are all one big extended family because if it were so, the world would be like a paradise. Everything could be just fine and moving on smoothly: you would never hear of wars, hatred, killings and other kinds of vices and lawlessness. But look at the world today, it looks like the kingdom of Satan. All kinds of vices are there; even the graviest of all like murder, witchcraft, abortion, Satanism among many others. Can a family be having all those?

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  • 9 years ago

    Science accepts that we are all connected by Collective Unconscious.

    Two scientists of different places getting the same idea for invention is through Collective Unconscious.

    Hinduism is the only religion which gave the philosophical concepts like Vasudha Eka Kutumbam (the world is one family), Loka Kalyaanam (for the spiritual good of all in the world) and Sarava Maanava Soubhratutvam (all humans are brothers).

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  • We are one big extended family in the sense that we are descendants of the long human race. On the other hand, I would not consider myself to be your extended family member if I've no personal connection to you whatsoever. I would consider myself to be my relatives' extended family because of a relation that we've formed throughout the years.

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  • 9 years ago

    If that is so... I may have to trim the family tree branches and keep the healthy parts thriving better.

    I have seen the dictionary definition of family, but don't believe that to be true of all. More like a society of people.

    When I think of family, I think of those who try to get along, share love, cause no harm to other family members... family is supposed to share a bond.. love..

    Too many hate and attack. That is not my idea of family.

    Fellow relatives...if I followed examples of some...I'd not be decent at all.

    In ways... I do follow that for fellow relatives. If they continuously try to cause harm to me and others... I stay away.

    No matter who it is... if they only bring out the worst and cause problems constantly... and make it clear they prefer to stay that way... it's best to stay away. It beats getting even and becoming just like them... or hating on them.

  • 5 years ago

    No, it does not look weird, but I on no account fantasize about this myself. I am an simplest baby and each of my mothers and fathers have type of loopy multiplied families so i might alternatively just have a small loved ones with out all the drama and craziness.

  • small
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    9 years ago

    Yes, indeed, but the family has grown too big and heterogeneous to move in unison or live together in peace.

    From a philosophical point of view, the one-family idea becomes difficult to fathom because we require individual identity in order to create our subjectivity which can see objectively.... this can lead at best only to 'me and the rest' !

  • Alex C
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    9 years ago

    Yeah we're all related in one way or another, Some people may not think so but we are. I saw it on a video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Apparently we're 50th cousins with everyone else. But then again we consider the ones close to us as family members, so it's technically yes but personally to me no.

  • 9 years ago

    We actually are not because we evolved from different individual neanderthals, and some of us evolved from a simular but different species, so its hard to say. However...every animal came from the same life form which was believed to be formed by amino acids. So actually all life forms are related.

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