Which Footballers playing style resembles the following Superheroes?

Incredible Hulk

BQ:Has anybody watched Batman:Dark Knight Rising(saw it last night), Awesome movie recommended for all ?
Update: Tom Hardy did an amazing Job as a villain ,but i don't want to spoil your surprise he is NOT the main Villain. :). His presence is amazing during the movie.
Anna Hathaway is hot but not as good as Michelle Pfeiffer version of Cat woman.
I enjoyed the Movie.Great ending.
Update 2: yes subtitles are there for every scene.
Update 3: @Ruud Lol'ed at wonderwoman resemblance with Busquets and Sanchez.I agree.They are more like drama queens than superheroes.:)
Update 4: @Maddie In fact its a villainess ,Just can't help it :P
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