Which Footballers playing style resembles the following Superheroes?



Incredible Hulk



BQ:Has anybody watched Batman:Dark Knight Rising(saw it last night), Awesome movie recommended for all ?


Tom Hardy did an amazing Job as a villain ,but i don't want to spoil your surprise he is NOT the main Villain. :). His presence is amazing during the movie.

Anna Hathaway is hot but not as good as Michelle Pfeiffer version of Cat woman.

I enjoyed the Movie.Great ending.

Update 2:

yes subtitles are there for every scene.

Update 3:

@Ruud Lol'ed at wonderwoman resemblance with Busquets and Sanchez.I agree.They are more like drama queens than superheroes.:)

Update 4:

@Maddie In fact its a villainess ,Just can't help it :P

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Superman - Cristiano Ronaldo, dude is perfect.

    Batman - Ozil.

    Incredible Hulk - Pepe! No reasoning needed for this.

    Spiderman - Lionel Messi, he's skinny and short but kind of awesome.

    Thor - Sergio Ramos. I didn't choose this him because of his playing style, but just because of the hair and beard.

    And LOL I agree with the user that said wonderman is Busquets.

    Oh and the new Batman movie was pretty good! I really enjoyed it. Anne Hathaway was gorgeous, but I agree, she just didn't cut it as cat woman for some reason :/ Maybe because I still see her as the girl from the princess diaries haha.

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  • Arlene
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    I've been trying to be like a Phillip Lahm in some ways this season. Mainly because I've been playing at Left Back rather than Right Back. In all honesty, I've been enjoying playing there more, I've come across a little trait where receive the ball on the edge of the box, cut in and shoot off my right. Usually get it on target too. Overall, I've always loved the way Cafu used to play, that's the style I always tried to replicate. Been in midfield a fair bit too. Over there I usually just try to work hard. I'm a decent passer, have good stamina and a strong defensive game. Also try to get into attacking positions whenever I can / whenever it's safe to push up. So I'm not really panicked about assisting all the time or getting goals, more of a possession and ball winning player. Maybe a Darren Fletcher, Lucas, Tiote, De Dong type?

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  • 8 years ago

    Superman - Cristiano Ronaldo

    Batman- Karim Benzema

    Hulk- Hulk

    Spider man - Lionel Messi

    Thor- Steven Gerrard

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  • 8 years ago

    Superman- Cristiano Ronaldo, because as much as I hate him, he is the perfect player.

    Batman- Ryan Giggs, because he may seem like he's not there at times during matches, but he always shows up and makes his presence known.

    Incredible Hulk- Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, because he can seem like just a regular player, but when the time comes he will "get angry" and score crucial goals.

    Thor- Ruud van Nistelrooy, because the only thing that can stop him is the post or crossbar.

    You forgot Spiderman and Wonderwoman, but I'll do it anyway

    Spiderman- Lionel Messi, because despite all of his great work and success, people still find a way to hate him.

    Wonderwoman- Sergio Busquets and Alexis Sanchez, because it's obvious

    EDIT: My apologies, I forgot to add Spiderman, not you.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The Incredible Hulk... Ozil because he is so gentle, and kind but when you provoke him he'll explode. Kind of like what happened during the last Barca/Madrid game. Those darn Barca-instigating players!

    Thor - Ibrahimovic because he is unstoppable and a machine.

    I can't answer the rest, but I can answer your BQ! I am going to watch it in a few days. I hope nobody shoots up the theater. How did you enjoy the movie? Personally I cannot stand Anne Hathaway I think she is not the right woman for the role.. and that's the only part that I'll dislike about the entire movie. Oh, and that Bane.. I can't understand a word he says! He is incoherent - Why Nolan does this in his movies is beyond me - is their subtitles for when Bane speaks?

    OH MY GOD. YOU JUST RUINED IT FOR ME. YOU told me he isn't the main villain. :( Why... . Ughhh.

    Please STOP. LOL. You've ruined the entire movie for me now. :(

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  • 8 years ago

    C Ronaldo as Superman because Ronaldo has all the powers.

    Messi as Batman because only Batman as no super natural powers but all talent.

    Hulk as Hulk because Hulk is built like Hulk.

    Iniesta as Spiderman because Iniesta can spider web the midfield to his command.

    Heskey as Thor, nough said.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Superman - Messi, the best

    Batman - Di Maria, looks like a fckng bat

    Hulk - Hulk..

    Spiderman - Busquets, he'll capture you with his ****

    Thor - Johan Mjällby (google him, a real VIKING)

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