My parents wont let me date, Im 14!!!!!?

Me and my friend both want to date and really like eachother! but my parents wont let me! its not fair! my mom said she had her first bf when she was in 8th grade and im going into 9th grade!!!!! isnt this My mom said she had her first boyfriend in eight grade. and im going into 9th grade!!!! me and my friend really like eachother! Ive only talked to my dad about it though and he said i need to concentrate on school and that dating kids from grade school is dumb and that im too young! my friend ids really sad and so am i. my dad said that he diidnt have his first girlfriend till he was in college but im not sure if thats true...also my parents dont really like the girl i want to date. isnt this so unfair????


everybody elses parents are fine with it though

Update 2:

everybody elses parents are fine with it though

Update 3:

im not immature, just pissed

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  • 7 years ago
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    You're 14 and to young to date. Listen to your parents. At least they are not letting you run around and sleep with half of the town! It's a different world out there now than when your mother grew up. There are kids out there now that will gang rape you just so they have something to post on the internet and show off to friends.

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      Really, how empathetic, who gives a **** they have feelings let them express them

  • 7 years ago

    I am 35 and I have got to side with your parents. When your parents were in 8th grade the world was slightly more innocent than it is today and it's just not worth the risk. When you are older and more mature you'll be better able to handle the emotional pressures of love. Just be great friends with this girl and get to know her socially without dating or pairing off. If you still like her in a few years maybe by then your parents will trust your judgement. I found that my parents were often right about the guys I dated and it took me longer to see what they saw right off the bat. Let your parents get to know her better too. You have your whole life to date and now is time to focus on school and growing up. You're not ready emotionally to pair off at 14.

  • 7 years ago

    I didn't move out of my parents' home until I was 22.

    I was a super-shy, awkward, issues-prone guy without friends, so I had a hard time finding a job.

    I got one when I was 21, but obviously I had to save up money first before I could move out, so that was more than a year...

    My parents knew that they had total control of me up to that point.

    When I didn't have a job they would frequently threaten to kick me out onto the streets.

    They also did NOT let me date.

    They have adopted my cousin from Korea as their son, so he can get legal citizenship.

    They let him do whatever he wants, and give him an allowance.

    Parents can be weird.

    There may be no rhyme or reason behind some of the decisions they make, but the best thing is to endure and make a graceful exit, instead of a disastrous one.

    Dating is overrated anyway.

    I'm 30 now. I never got out of being the weird guy that my parents made me, since they would yell and scream at me every night, but I am JUST now learning how to live alone, and believe me... ain't bad.

    My younger brother is 9 years younger than me, already married... but man... he can't do ANYTHING without his wife's approval, and she is only 18. She will absolutely make him miserable if he does anything without asking.

    I can do without that.

  • 5 years ago

    Im 14 also and my parents aren't letting me date either, I know it isn't right but I'm dating behind their backs. I should tell you, your parents are right but for me the limit should be 15. The thing is that since I'm dating behind their backs, i feel like i have to much power, so i stepped into things wayyyyy to fast. Listen to your parents know, but explain why you want to and try to get them to lower the age a little bit.

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  • 6 years ago

    That is the exactly same thing I'm going through with my parents, I'm in 9th grade and even my parents, and my teachers, heck even my immature friends have said that I'm really mature. Yet when I say that I like this one girl to my parents, they tell me that I'm too immature and irresponsible and can't date her, I can only like her. And they said I'm not allowed to date her until I'm at least 20. I just don't find it fair how they are going to control my life, apparently they think I'm going to do something stupid and have sex with her, I know I'm not going to, I am not that stupid to stoop that low and have underage sex.Can someone please tell me if their right or if I am.

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    7 years ago

    Listen, you are still a child and 14 is to young to date. Take it easy with the girls because in your age you do not know what loving somebody really means. Wait 2 more years and than you are older and life teach-ed you more. Try this and be just friends for a while.

  • 7 years ago

    If you still have temper tantrums and cry "it's not fair!" you ARE NOT ready to date. Your parents are wise and looking out for your best interests! Your Dad is correct in school should be your main concern! If you don't believe your Dad or me, just read your post! Believe it or not, they DO KNOW more than you, and are doing what is best for you! Friends/lovers come and go... Family is FOREVER! You need to grow up and mature a little more before you try dating.

  • 7 years ago

    well u are abit to young im sorry but u are a bit to young but tell your parents its not like u guys are getting married u guys will only date u guys will only hold hands flirt and maybe kiss but u will not be doing any things that includs sex because u know u are a bit to young for that

  • 7 years ago

    You are too small to fall in love with someone else in this age..First try to concentrate on your studies because you need to move forward..First make your future and after that dating and all..You are still very young and in this age you aren't suitable to date girls..

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  • 7 years ago

    I think 14 can be an appropriate age to start dating, but depending on your maturity and what you're looking for in a relationship. If you really want to date them, prove to your parents that you are capable of handling it. If they still won't give in, you're probably going to have to keep it low key, until they accept .

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